Bentec Launches Computer Based Training Video for Silo Bag Procedure

Woodland, CA, August 23, 2006 --( Bentec Medical Inc. ( announced today the development and release of a new training module for the placement of the Bentec Silo Bag used for infant gastroschisis. Gastroschisis is among one of the most frequently encountered congenital anomalies in pediatric surgery.

Normally, during early development, the intestines, stomach and liver protrude to the outside of the body. As the fetus grows, these organs are "pulled in" and the abdominal wall forms around them. In incidents of gastroschisis, this final closure of the abdominal wall does not occur. The mortality rate for infants with gastroschisis is approximately 17%. An increasing number of pediatric surgeons are using the Bentec Silo Bag to help assist in avoiding infection.

“We originally developed the Bentec Silo Bag at the request of one of our customers who is a pediatric surgeon. One of the things that we do very well is to help solve challenges that our customers in the medical community are faced with by developing new and unique products. This has resulted in the Bentec Silo Bag being used in pediatric surgery all over the world,” says Briant Benson, Bentec’s CEO.

Bentec has received FDA and CE approvals for sale and distribution of the Silo Bag in both the United States and Europe.

“We’re excited to be able to provide an enhanced training module for use with the Bentec Silo Bag. This allows us to continue adding value to a product that is already helping a lot of newborns with this condition,” says Dr. Richard Greene, DBA, and Bentec’s Vice-President of Sales & Marketing.

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