Sani Sac™ Degradable Feminine Disposal Bags

Golden Group International, LTD. invents a new 'green' product, Sani Sac™ Degradable Feminine Disposal Bags.

Brewster, NY, July 02, 2009 --( Menstrual hygiene is slowly coming into public awareness but proper disposal of used feminine products still remains an issue. This prompted Golden Group International, LTD. to invent a new product, Sani Sac™ Degradable Feminine Disposal Bags, an opaque, white double-layered bag that efficiently stores soiled feminine items for disposal into trash bins, describing it as “considerate, cost-effective and very smart solution in a public environment”. Sani Sac™ will go on sale within the month through their website.

Sani Sac™ is a bag, 4.5”x9” in dimension, 2.5mm in thickness, opaque and made of degradable, two-layer plastic material. The bag has 1” closure flap with an adhesive composition covered with a pull off strip inside.

Sani Sac™ is designed to be dispensed from a standard toilet paper holder making installation easy.

Common Uses & Benefits
Use of Sani Sac™ will save companies thousands of dollars annually. Men and women dispose various items in the toilets such as condoms, hair, Band-Aids, feminine pads, tampons, wipes, even diapers when proper disposal options are not available. These thrown objects often cause costly blockages in the sewage systems costing the facility thousands of dollars and disruption to the business when not addressed immediately. The average cost per hour for a plumber in the US is $70 but could go higher if the problem arises for hours or occurs in an emergency situation.

• Sani Sac™ provides a more discrete, safe and sanitary disposal of menstrual products.
• It helps prevent the spread of disease by containing the blood and bodily fluids in a sealed bag.
• It helps prevent embarrassing exposure of used products from garbage spills by animals as it’s contained in its own sealed bag.
• It helps reduce the putrefying smell of the menstrual waste sitting in your bathroom trash can.
• Restaurants, hotels, buildings, offices and clubs among other places will benefit their customers and members by providing a politely discrete, clean and healthy way to dispose menstrual products.
• Women will appreciate the convenience and clean facilities over places that do not offer this option because it would give them the chance to properly dispose their thrash rather than flushing or throwing it just anywhere else.
• It would reduce accidental contact or exposure to germs and blood borne pathogens.
• It saves thousands of dollars and resources by helping reduce the use of excess amount of toilet paper. The average woman uses substantially more toilet paper during her menstrual cycle by wrapping tampons or pads in toilet paper in an effort to hide them in the garbage bin.

Environmental Commitment
Used feminine materials flushed end up in sewage outfalls and are one most commin forms of trash on beaches contributing to sewage related debris. Sani Sac™ will work to correct the disposal issue connected with solid waste and sewage systems. Sani Sac™ is made of degradable plastic making it environmentally beneficial to landfills as it breaks down in as little as twelve to eighteen months.

Golden Group International, Limited
Kevin Hanna