Scoop Publishing Company, LLC is a Winner of Today’s Caregiver Magazine’s 2009 Caregiver Friendly® Award

Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 03, 2009 --( Today’s Caregiver, the first national magazine for all family and professional caregivers, and has awarded Scoop Publishing, LLC a 2009 Caregiver Friendly® Award for “Everything You Need to Ask When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility” in the book category. The Caregiver Friendly® Awards are designed to celebrate products, services, books and media created with the needs of caregivers in mind.

Scoop Publishing, LLC owned and operated by Cindy VanDusen and Humberto Fortuna MA, MS is a fountain of information, products and services for individuals and corporations in the Health Care Industry. All the items are of our own creation and are published by Scoop Publishing, LLC. Their products have been an asset for health care communities who have used them for the last 20 years. As a unique team, Scoop Publishing, LLC is able to create books, games, music and other related products for the elderly that can be used by families, professionals and caregivers working with the geriatric population.

The Caregiver Friendly Award presented to “Everything You Need to Ask When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility” proves that the vast knowledge and experience we have gained in our careers as health care professionals needed to be made available to the public as part of our goal to educate and protect our elderly population.

Today's Caregiver magazine, launched in 1995, is published by Caregiver Media Group, which also produces the Fearless Caregiver Conferences

“Everything You Need to Ask When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility” will educate the caregiver and the family and put them in charge of their search so they won’t be sold something they may not need or may not be appropriate for their loved one.

No one teaches us how to approach our loved one’s needs for a quality of life when they can no longer stay at home. When you are faced with this situation, a question comes at you fast. “Where do I begin?” There are some books out there that explain technically, what an Assisted Living Facility is, but that’s not what you need right now.

You need straightforward, honest advice from two professionals who have 42 years of combined experience in this field.

Cindy VanDusen and Humberto Fortuna have created a guide that will take you from point A to point Z. With over 500 questions to ask when you tour a facility, you will leave no stone unturned.

Not only will seniors need this must-have book but Baby Boomers will need it to guide, not only their parents in their search, but to educate and prepare themselves for their future as well.

Even though this book gives you all of the technical information that you will require, it feels like you are sitting down and chatting with the authors in their living room…very reader friendly.

The mission and purpose of the authors is…to educate and therefore protect…our senior population.

....In summary,
..."Everything You Need To Ask When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility" is a useful tool to enable today's consumer to select the best of residential services provided to adults. It is clearly planned and created by experienced professionals in the field of senior services who share values of competent provision of the full array of services in elder care living.
The Midwest Book Review, 2009

Award winners will also be profiled in the July/August issue of Today’s Caregiver and on the magazine’s website,

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