All Things That Matter Press Releases "Transcendence"

Latest book release selected for college literature curriculum.

Somerville, ME, July 03, 2009 --( The director of the English department at St. Petersburg College has selected their latest release, "Transcendence", to be included in the literature curriculum beginning this fall semester.

Transcendence is a mesmerizing book of magical realism seamlessly woven with threads of primal wisdom. It will reacquaint readers with the profound beauty of our mother planet, while turning their mind's eye to rarely realized realms of possibility.

Gabriel Horn (White Deer of Autumn) is an award-winning author and professor of literature and creative writing, as well as an activist for the spiritual rights of indigenous people, and an outspoken defender of the natural world

Amy Krout-Horn (Last Word Woman) has resided in two worlds; the world of the sighted and the world of the blind. She has been a writer in both of them.

“Transcendence is a special book that shares indigenous wisdoms that come from the authors’ native hearts. Each page is like a shell bead of our sacred Quahug-Clam wampum, when woven together, they provide an important message to all of us during this critical time on Mother-Earth.

“Transcendence is an expression of Inaadiziwin; our cultural/spiritual way of life as people of Mother-Earth. Transcendence is like listening to elders share stories that serve to teach and guide us as we walk our sacred Earth journey.”
Oannes A. Pritzker, ecologist/journalist/educator, Director: Yat Kitischee Native Center.

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