Candela Controls; the Art of Lighting Control Meets the Art of Light at the James Turrell Museum

In a location, not typically thought of for a world class museum, the work of James Turrell, Donald Hess and Candela Controls Inc., come together to create a one-of-a-kind visual exhibition know as The James Turrell Museum on the Bodega and Estancia Colomé.

Winter Garden, FL, July 03, 2009 --( Candela Controls, Inc., of Winter Garden, Florida, has given new meaning to “The "Art" of Lighting Control” with its completion of a very unique museum lighting system located in Colomé, Argentina. Although a beautiful resort, it is a very unlikely location for a museum; in particular, one that is dedicated specifically to the lifetime works of American artist, James Turrell. Turrell, considered by many to be one of America’s most influential contemporary artist’s, has created a lifetime of work by manipulating the optical phenomena of light. So who better to provide the control of the light at this incredible museum, than Candela Controls?

The James Turrell Museum on the Bodega and Estancia Colomé, is the oldest working winery in Argentina and has been producing wine since 1831. Purchased by Swiss entrepreneur Donald M. Hess in 2001, it is about as far off the beaten track as you can get. In order to view the incredible artwork in this absolutely stunning location, visitors start their trip in Buenos Aires, fly just over two hours to Salta and then drive four hours on largely unpaved roadways through the Andes Mountains. The remoteness of the museum actually adds to the quality, but it certainly does take some planning to get there. For those that do make the trip, they’re rewarded with lush-green valleys surrounded by the Andean foothills, a luxury resort, a state-of-the-art winery and now the latest addition, the James Turrell Museum that officially opened on April 22, 2009.

The museum has over 18,000 square feet of exhibition space surrounding the centerpiece, Mr. Turrell’s most recent Skyspace, “Unseen Blue” (2002). “Unseen Blue” is also the largest Skyspace that Turrell has created since he started creating them in 1974. Skyspaces, or walk-in observatories, are rooms or areas in which Turrell uses architecture to shape light and thus create his artwork. With a perfectly square, 15-foot by 15-foot aperture in the roof, visitors can view the sky, as Mr. Turrell would manipulate the viewer’s perception of the sky, by subtly changing the light surrounding the square. Candela Controls worked closely with everyone involved to assure the vision of the museum and the artwork itself was met, as it is quite an undertaking to provide a lighting control system that supports artwork based on “Light”.

Candela Controls Inc., like Mr. Turrell, has the knowledge to make light come alive. This may be the reason that they were chosen to provide the design layout, installation and programming of the integrated lighting control system throughout the museum. This kind of work exemplifies the types of systems that Candela excels at, turn-key solutions; and it certainly proves once again that Candela Controls consistently demonstrates The “Art” of Lighting Control in all their work.

About (Candela Controls) - Candela Controls has been providing excellence in lighting system engineering, integration, installation and service for 10 years and for more than 220 individual projects ranging from small theaters to some of the largest hotels in the nation. They also provide unparalleled assistance to the same markets and have serviced more than 110 systems installed by others.

Today, Candela Controls, with over 150 years of industry experience on staff, continues to build upon its solid reputation of high-quality installations and value engineering. From start to finish each project worked on is carried out with design, value and safety, in mind. The Candela Controls team works very closely with owners, users, architects, consultants and contractors, throughout the design and construction process, with the goal of informing and educating all parties in order to realize the best value and solution possible.

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About (The James Turrell Museum) - Surrounded by vineyards, the luxurious resort Estancia Colomé offers enjoyment of nature, relaxation and the highest level of convenience to its guests. Argentina’s insider’s tops among luxury resorts for wine and art lovers; equipped with artwork by Argentine artists drawn from the Hess Art Collection as well as a large-size piece by American artist Robilee Frederick and of course the works of James Turrell’s; with nine comfortable suites, each individually furnished; a spacious herb garden, tennis court, swimming pool and a wellness program which offers head or full body massages. Parlors, various patios and porches guarantee stress relief and savoir-vivre at the highest level.

The James Turrell Museum of the Hess Art Collection is open 350 days a year, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and entrance is free and open to the public. For information on the Hess Art Collection, winery visits or reservations at Estancia Colomé, visit: www (dot) hessartcollection (dot) com, www (dot) estanciacolome (dot) com, or www (dot) bodegacolome (dot) com

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