Providing Equipment to Filmmaker in Iraq is Worth the Risk

New documentary “Brothers at War” uses Sony HVR-Z1U cameras to document two brothers deployed in Iraq and the impact on the family.

Burbank, CA, July 03, 2009 --( Filmmaker Jake Rademacher chose to engage in the Iraqi operations by contributing his talent as a documentary filmmaker. His two brothers Isaac and Joe are currently deployed in Iraq serving as an Army officer and Ranger sniper respectively. “I wanted to make a film about the guys in the battlefield,” Jake explained.

The first time director made two trips to the Middle East with cameramen Conor Colwell and Marc Miller and endured the harsh conditions of the desert. The Sony HVR-Z1U cameras withstood the desert punishment and endured, providing Rademacher with 250 tapes worth of footage. It was a gamble for Rademacher as the HDV format was brand new at the time the footage was shot. One of his cameraman Conor Colwell recommended the Z1U to Rademacher which, despite his apprehension, proved to be a desert workhorse.

The cameras were provided by ProHD Rentals in Burbank and were the first five cameras in the newly formed company’s fleet. President Bob Bekian said, “We were very excited to participate in this project, despite the risk of wear and tear the desert would have on the equipment.”

“As a provider of camera equipment to the independent filmmaker community,” Bekian added. “ProHD Rentals believes that the project comes first. So the L&D was a risk we were willing to take.” The final result was worth the investment as the documentary has received high praise and rave reviews.

“We want these stories to be told,” Bekian concluded. “That’s why I started this business - to help the independent filmmakers be heard.”

The new documentary recently opened in Los Angeles and New York and is distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

ProHD Rentals
Bob Bekian