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iAuctionShop Ltd has Uploaded All of Its 4,200 Product Lines to SpecialistAuctions.com

Sandbach, United Kingdom, August 24, 2006 --(PR.com)-- eBay’s store pricing fee hike increases have led iAuctionShop Ltd to move its listings to SpecialistAuctions.com. iAuctionShop Ltd has, as well as uploading its entire inventory to SpecialistAuctions.com, discounted most of its item prices by about 10% from their usual levels. iAuctionShop Ltd’s Specialist Auctions site can be found at

iAuctionShop Ltd, better known as Rebecca & Simons Collectables on eBay UK -
http://stores.ebay.co.uk/REBECCA-AND-SIMONS-COLLECTABLES - is currently eBay UK’s largest pottery and porcelain shop by numbers of listings, (see eBay Pulse at

Specialist Auctions, a division of Vujoo Ltd based in the United Kingdom appealed to iAuctionShop Ltd’s Managing Director Simon Russell for two main reasons: “The site is free to list on, charging a very modest end of auction fee. More importantly, each category is moderated by an expert who is charged with providing advice to the community and who has the ability to suspend or remove listings where the item is thought or known to be fake, not the seller’s property or where it is listed incorrectly.”

The history behind the creation of Specialist Auctions is related by Marketing Director Bob Clements: “SpecialistAuctions.com started out as an idea by a small group of collectors. These collectors had, for many years, traded globally using a large and international auction site. The experience in the “early days” was exciting, it was vibrant and it was fun. Then came a critical time when the rigidity of the host site evaporated the fun. New and frequent increases in charging structures and the gradual dissemination of the communities resulted in a site that none of these collectors wanted to be part of any more. The site had lost its class. Of the group all three, independently, stopped using this site. What they and many others saw was a slow and self-perpetuating implosion around the edges. Real collectors were stopping using this particular site to trade. As a consequence selling volumes began to fall and the trusted buyers and sellers gradually started to disappear. Simultaneously the cost of trading increased and it seemed that every time you tried to protect your investment, by using reserve fees or by setting the items price at a reasonable sum, you were hit by large non-returnable fees. If you listed at 0.99p you were OK but then you waited 7 days for the auction to end with no bids, only to have a sniper pop it off at the last second. All this in an environment that did not police against replicas, fakes and fantasy sellers.”

Specialist Auctions’ philosophy is straightforward:
· Maintain the cost of selling at a reasonable level.
· Enable the seller to set a price to protect their investment but be attractive to the buyer
· Police the site & make it clear that replicas and fakes just won’t be tolerated
· Attract well known collectors to join us to moderate the categories
· Listen to and enable our users to communicate with us
· Make the site easy to use for buying, selling or simply viewing
· Provide our visitors with a quality site that they trust
· Create value added services like “Valuation Forum” & “Community Newsletters”
· Work towards a trusted payment method. http://www.secure2pay.com/
· Work with charitable organisations to give a bit back

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