Quintica Partners with Biomni, Introduces Service Catalogue and Request Management

London, United Kingdom, July 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- IT service management specialist Quintica has partnered with independent software vendor Biomni to add complementary software technologies to its service management value proposition. With Biomni’s Service Catalogue and Request Management software, Quintica can provide complete IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) version 3-aligned solutions to enable high performance corporate IT service delivery.

According to Ingo Tuschardt, Quintica CEO, the partnership is strategic. “As an all encompassing Service Management solutions provider, the addition of these software solutions equips us to not only deliver the training, certification and processes associated with an ITIL-aligned technology environment, but also the tools to support that environment,” he explains.

Explaining the purpose of its Service Catalogue software, Angus Gregory, Biomni CEO, notes that as IT evolves from a supporting function to a business enabling function, it is critical that it provides its services from the business perspective. “Organisations face the challenge of inefficiency and high costs when requesting goods and services from multiple sources with conflicting procedures. ITIL V3 recommends the definition of standard services in an orderable Service Catalogue as a first step to address this issue,” he says.

The Biomni orderable Service Catalogue enables business users to request and track goods and services and eliminates confusion and costs that can arise from different entry methods for different request types. It also enables enforcement of provisioning standards without requiring manual intervention.

Meanwhile, explains Gregory, the Request Management suite enables business users to request authorised combinations of goods and services contained in the onlineService Catalogue. These goods and services may be offered by multiple sources of supply and not just the internal IT organisation. “In combination, these solutions provide business users with a self-service, single point of contact interface to not only raise service requests, but also retain visibility of authorisation and fulfilment processes.”

Dan van der Westhuizen, Quintica business development manager, says the decision to partner with Biomni was based on an identified need for Service Catalogue and Request Management tools. “Delivering ITIL-aligned service management starts with structuring services and mapping these to business needs, followed by the establishment of processes which guide service delivery. The Service Catalogue is an essential requirement which supports service structure, while Request Management provides a controlled environment to support smooth execution of all requests,” he

While it partners with other ISVs, Gregory says it is through consulting partners that the skills and services which are necessary to create ITSM solutions are added to its software products. “The value-add for the end user is enhanced; our software on its own provides the toolsets necessary to support ITIL V3-complaint IT organisations, while Quintica adds the process and training to achieve best practice IT services organisations.”

Gregory adds that Biomni also looks to its partners to forge a close relationship with clients which can be leveraged for product development and enhancement in response to user requirements. “In the short time we have worked together, Quintica has impressed with the depth and breadth of its ITIL V3 expertise, to the extent that we look forward to its influence in further developments of and enhancements to our software technologies,” he concludes.

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The Quintica Group is a leading provider of best practice service management
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Biomni is strategically placed within the solution portfolios of leading global service providers including Unisys Corporation, EDS, Dell, and continues to play a vital role within the Computacenter managed service offering. The combination of our pedigree, present day strategic relationships, and our market focus has enabled continued innovation most recently reflected in our newly developed Connecta, the first of its kind Management Console that enables powerful multi-customer SLA monitoring independently of the source of a request, and independently of the combination of fulfillment system and/or suppliers that fulfill a request. For more information about Biomni, please visit www.biomni.com

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