Finnet Technologies Introduces Innovative Performance Appraisal Tool as Part of WorkforceTrack

London, United Kingdom, July 06, 2009 --( Finnet Technologies, a London-based provider of offshore software and web applications development, data management and BPO services to clients globally, introduces innovative Performance Appraisal tool as part of WorkforceTrack. New service is designed to supply Project Managers, Department Leaders and Directors with ability to monitor performance and professional development of their employees.

The main zest of Performance Appraisal tool is ability to review skills and potential of the staff in a very user-friendly way. The application comprises Simple Performance Appraisal and 360 Degree Feedback modules. 360 Degree appraisal represents intuitive navigator to "multisource assessment" of the employees and managers. Cycling feedbacks, opinions, impressions and views of different level employees are summarised into reports for each candidate. Thereby, manager can easily access working space of his staff, get acquainted with its personal and professional development and competency as well as find out the level of business progress and overall mood in the company.

Both Simple Performance Appraisal and 360 Degree Feedback modules work in a facilitated regime with intuitive interface and smart questionnaire system directed to give a full evaluation of the staff. Key features of the Simple Performance Appraisal include:

- Intuitive mechanism simplifying the process of information collecting, review and evaluation for collaborators, employees and managers.
- Appraisal templates with broad skills library, rates and comments.
- Fair and neutral appraisal approach for accurate and detailed assessment of the personnel permitting you to know strong and weak points of the stuff.
- Ability to monitor actions of the employee, his/her lay offs, breaks, responsibilities, wishes or complaints, business trip expenses.
- Flexible format with available PDF text versions.
- Human factor of the program that makes people hear, understand and be closer to each other.

"When developing new modules for our successful WorkforceTrack, we were mostly concerned about character of the program. Our goal was not to design the program for a simple personnel 'statistics’, this word sounds a little bit stiffly, we wanted to create a human engine with individual voice for each person where everybody could feel free and open. The main idea of new add-ons is not to equip manager with full surveillance facilities, but to help him to build a clear dialog with his personnel and all collaborators. I think we managed it," says Muzaffar Karabaev, chief technology officer, Finnet Technologies.

"Point of honesty should also be taken into consideration. I want to believe this solution won’t hurt the moral atmosphere and human relationships, giving the way to sincere opinions, but not to snitching about somebody’s truancy and bad habits."

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