Over 75 Doctors from the UAE Attended CME Organized by Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences on Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among the women worldwide, causing 250,000 deaths annually (WHO report). According to a report published by Ministry of Health in 2005, about 43 women die in the UAE alone due to cervical cancer each year. The number has multiplied significantly in the last couple of years.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The seminar and the workshop were held at Rotana Towers Hotel, Dubai on 1st July 2009, organized by Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences, supported and sponsored by Dubiotech, Glaxo smithcline & Life Cell International. Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates acknowledged and rewarded the event with 4.0 CME credit points. Dr. Marco Baccanti, Executive Director of DuBiotech, Dubai presided over the seminar.

The primary objective of the workshop is to raise awareness of cervical cancer among the clinicians and how the latest technologies can be helpful to detect the deadly disease at an early stage, thus prevent the fatalities of such conditions. Speakers suggested that the combination of liquid based cytology used for pap smear with the Digene Hybrid capture 2 techniques for HPV genotyping would be beneficial to detect the infection and the disease at an early stage.

“HPV infection is very common in sexually active men and women. It is usually transient and results only in mild cytological abnormalities. About 80 % of women between 19 and 30 years clear this infection within months or years, but in some cases persistent infection of high risk HPV can lead to the development of cervical cancer” said Dr. Rihab Awad from Mitera Clinic, DHCC, Dubai, during her speech on “The Need of Clinical Education to Raise an Awareness of HPV Screening and Cervical Cancer Prevention”.

Dr. Sanjida Ahmed Research Director for Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences discussed about various Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), diagnostic tools available to detect them and the cutting edge technologies recently been utilized and marketed by various companies around the world to diagnose these infections. She mentioned that Hybrid Capture 2 DNA Test could be advantageous for the patients in terms of reducing their physical, mental and financial load.

Detecting HPV means better understanding of the risk of cervical cancer was the major focus of Dr. Dinesh Gupta from National Clinical Reference Laboratory, New Delhi India. He spoke on “Opportunistic Screening for Cervical Precancer Lesions” and informed why the combination screening is vital for prevention and detection of cervical cancer. According to Dr. Gupta, combined screening with liquid based cytology and hybrid capture2 HPV DNA test would identify who’s at risk for high-grade disease and cancer and reduce missed disease caused by false-negative Pap Smear. HPV DNA test is the only FDA approved test to detect 13 high risk HPVs associated with virtually all cervical cancer, he added.

HPV vaccine now available is a new powerful weapon to fight against cervical cancer, Dr. Rima Abu Omar from Al Zahra Hospital, Sharjah, emphasized. She also stated that Vaccine is the Primary Protection against Cervical Cancer and women as young as 9 years should be vaccinated before they approach the puberty.

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Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences is a UAE based Biotechnology Company under the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, DUBIOTECH, Dubai. The company has a vision to prevent morbidity and mortality among individuals and families with or at risk of genetic, congenital, and/or familial disorders. Eastern Biotech provides quality screening, education and family-centered comprehensive services for the Middle Eastern people. The company offers the most recent technologies like Hybrid capture technique combined with Liquid based cytology for detection of HPV and detection of other STIs from a single swab sample.

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