Gracious Living on Social Security VBT July ‘09

Author Valerie Kent tours the blogosphere in July 2009 with her memoir/retirement book “Gracious Living on Social Security.”

Springfield, MA, July 08, 2009 --( Join author Valerie Kent as she travels the blogosphere in July 2009 with Pump Up Your Book Promotion Public Relations on her first virtual book tour to discuss her retirement memoir, “Gracious Living on Social Security” (Tree Farm Books).

“Gracious Living on Social Security” is an easy-to-read decade-long journey that offers tips and suggestions on how senior citizens can stretch their dollar and get the most for their money. Eleven chapters cover every important aspect of living together, from the wedding preparations to where to live. Key considerations follow each chapter for quick reference: Considerations like where and when to buy clothing, choosing a place to live and juggling your finances. Artist Jeff Nitzberg adds his unique touch with original drawings introducing each chapter.

Praise for “Gracious Living on Social Security”:
“This is a book of lives fully lived related in wise, wry, entertaining and very educational fashion. Kent writes with a pithy style that makes reading this book not only valuable but also exceptionally entertaining.” – X Book Reviews

At eighty-eight, Valerie Kent is the survivor of a long lifetime spent adjusting to dramatically evolving worlds. She moved from Britain to the United States in 1933. Valerie began at the age of forty-six the drawn-out process of education - seven universities - that would generate, initially, a career as a drug and alcohol counselor for troubled women, then a decade as a celebrated college teacher and - ultimately - a final, exultant marriage.

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