Pound 4 Pound Design Launches Team Mica Jiu Jitsu Academy Website

UFC 100 and UFC Fan Expo to provide unique exposure to the grappling world and Team Mica Machado Jiu Jitsu.

Las Vegas, NV, July 08, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The official Team Mica Machado Jiu Jitsu website (www.brjiujitsulasvegas.com) has been re-launched by Pound 4 Pound Design. The site was rebuilt to coincide with the building hype prior to UFC 100, which will host a grappling event that Team Mica will look to capture their fourth consecutive team title at.

"This is the fourth version of the Team Mica site that we have built," stated Michael Vaughan (32), project manager at Pound 4 Pound Design. "This one again, is being launched just prior to the team going into competition, but this is no ordinary competition. People will be here from all over the world for UFC 100, and this grappling tournament will give many people their first experience in viewing the sport of jiu jitsu in it's raw form. There will no doubt be many of them left wanting to learn more about Team Mica, especially if they are taking home as much gold as they have at the past few events in Las Vegas."

The Team Mica website was constructed using Adobe Flash, with a lightweight text version along side of it for mobile users to view. It consists of general information about each of the six locations available for students of Team Mica to train at in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. There is also an in depth history of the art of Jiu Jitsu for new students to read and learn about.

More about Team Mica:
Team Mica Machado Jiu Jitsu of Las Vegas is lead by high ranking black belt Amilcar "Mica" Cipili. Team Mica has consistently proven to be the number one Jiu Jitsu Academy in the Las Vegas Valley, taking home overall team titles at every large event held in Las Vegas. To contact Team Mica, call 702.214.6414, log on to www.brjiujitsulasvegas.com, or email micabjj@yahoo.com.

More about Pound 4 Pound Design:
Pound 4 Pound Design is owned and operated by proffesional website and graphic designer, Michael Vaughan. Mike has over 5 years experience in designing websites. Over 70 percent of Mike's original clients continue to use Pound 4 Pound Design as a continuing resource for their respective internet solutions, and brand recognition strategies. Pound 4 Pound Design prides itself on meeting both budgets and deadlines for clients in Las Vegas, and around the United States.

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