Bullets in a Burning Box Almost Attempts the Impossible

Band releases its fourth single album.

San Diego, CA, July 08, 2009 --(PR.com)-- "Eye Love," Bullets in a Burning Box' fourth single album, has a dark "umph." It braids languidly around the broken rods of its own passionate semblance of a pole until it becomes once again, jointed.

Fans have called the single "bad", "cool" and "thumpable." According to one -- entirely mislead -- fan, it "sounds as if the singer wants something just beyond his reach."

"Eye Love" is a preview of Bullets' upcoming sophomore album, being scribbled on resinous scraps of paper by gremlins cavorting deep within the cave-shaft of your cortex, due in late 2009. According to NMW of Bullets, the album will be "a scythe disguised as a baby rattle."

About Bullets in a Burning Box

Bullets in a Burning Box makes hard, experimental, industrial-ish music in a studio that floats. NMW mixes his dark vocals, heavy guitars, slinky bass-lines and twisted beats in a cauldron of stinky tea made from seawater. Shows planned for 2009.

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