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Domestic Violence Victims Have a New Friend

The statistics are stark. More needs to be done to help victims of domestic abuse. There is a new greeting card company that helps end dysfunctional relationships and helps fund women's shelters.

Cumberland, RI, July 07, 2009 --( In a survey conducted by the Allstate Foundation National Poll On Domestic Violence, three-quarters of respondents admit knowing someone who was a victim of domestic abuse. General statistics tell us a full 92% of women say that reducing domestic violence and sexual assault should be at the top of any formal efforts taken on behalf of women today. Overwhelmingly, women who are abused, are abused at the hands of someone they know, usually an intimate partner. The widely available statistics tell only part of the story. What the statistics do not show is the gut wrenching fear, pain and hopelessness that these victims face everyday of their lives.

Of all of the heart-breaking statistics, there is a bottom line conundrum that is much more than a number. The Allstate poll also points out while 4 out of 10 (43%) ranked fear that the abuser will search out and find the victim as the number one reason a victim would not leave his/her abuser, over a quarter (28%) thought that finding access to money/income to support the victim and/or children was the most important problem. Abuse victims need a place to turn to where they can receive protection, counseling, and a place to start over.

Before domestic abuse victims can receive the help they need, they must first leave the abusive relationship they are in. There are many resources available both locally and nationally. One of the leading organizations is the National Domestic Violence Hotline. They will direct you to an emergency shelter in your area. Their number is 1(800) 799-SAFE (7233). Perpetrators of domestic abuse promise over and over again that they will not repeat their crimes of rage and anger, only to break those promises. When announcing intent to divorce or separate, many women may not want to face their abuser for obvious reasons.

There is a little known start-up company that helps both with ending relationships and helping to fund shelters for victims of domestic abuse. It is a greeting card company that focuses on relationships. Skidmark Cards has a line of greeting cards it describes as “cards that tastefully express and dignify the end of a relationship“. They are written in a non-angry, non-bitter way. For women who want to end their relationship, bring closure without facing their partner and at the same time help to fund domestic abuse shelters, this might be just the tool.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, please get the help that you need. Call the above number or any such resource. Gather the strength that you need and make the transition to a safe shelter as soon as possible before it’s too late. There is help out there, but you have to make the first move. Rest assured there are people who care and will do everything in their power to assist you in starting a new life. Counseling, a safe shelter and people who have been where you are now, can help you to a new beginning. For more information on the greeting card company that is committed to helping victims of domestic abuse you can visit them at: or call Thomas Burr @ (508) 243-5262.

Skidmark Cards
Contact: Thomas Burr (508) 243-5262
Date: July 6, 2009

Skidmark Cards
Thomas Burr