Vent Letters Are Providing Free Recession Therapy

A new website provides free recession therapy through the writing and publishing of vent letters.

New York, NY, July 10, 2009 --( Since March 2009 has provided thousands of people with free recession therapy. Vent Letters is a community that allows anyone to get anything off their chest anonymously. Putting feelings and thoughts on paper has always been the most cost effective therapy. During this recession, many people are getting back to the basics.

Those writing vent letters take two important therapeutic steps: purging and processing. Writers purge their thoughts and feelings once their vent letters are submitted. Writers then process these thoughts and feelings after reading their published vent letters. Writers purge and process, while readers relate and reflect.

Vent Letters is a free mental health resource within the ailing global economy. Mental health care is a luxury that has been cut out of the budgets and lives of millions around the world. Money once spent on therapy is now spent on food, clothing, and shelter. The mental health implications stemming from the current economic recession grow daily and can already be seen by mental health care professionals.

Vent Letters was created and is edited by Lamar Lee. Lee is earning his Masters of Social Work at New York University. This young social worker saw first hand as a social work intern that people need a safe outlet to express themselves. Thus, Vent Letters was born.

Vent Letters
Lamar Lee