Cambridge Books Releases Paperback Edition of "A Ghost From the Shadows"

A Ghost From the Shadows, book 2 in the Shannon Delaney paranormal mystery series by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox is now in paperback.

Inland Empire, CA, July 10, 2009 --( Elizabeth Eagan-Cox’s paranormal mystery series is based on a young woman named Shannon Delaney who is a publicity writer with the knack of taking freelance assignments that lead her into discovering her own emerging ability to speak to the past.

Shannon delves into murder, mayhem and unsolved mysteries involving cold-cases influenced by California’s fascinating history. Eagan-Cox explains, "The series is technically a cozy mystery with the paranormal twist of a having a ghost or two as characters critical to the story. I treat the ghost characters as people, once alive and now in spirit form, they have purpose-driven spectral lives. The concept allows me to use a great deal of my own ancestral beliefs from Celtic culture and my expertise of California history. This is a series I am enjoying writing!"

The series has captured the attention of Internet Web Radio as evidenced in Eagan-Cox’s numerous appearances in radio, especially within the paranormal community. Eagan-Cox notes: "The paranormal community and fan base appreciates the fact that the ghosts in my novels are not mere novelties. Along this line of thought, I often speak on the topic of ancestors as ghosts in terms of blood memory, a Celtic cultural concept from my own background."

Additional information on author’s web site:

A Ghost From the Shadows book 2 in the Shannon Delaney Paranormal Mystery series by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox, available at booksellers worldwide.

Talented publicity writer Shannon Delaney rebounds from a failed romance and takes refuge in an assignment at 1920's-era Magic Manor Dinner Theater on California's Catalina Island, Avalon resort. Assured of quiet surroundings as the only lodger at the renovation-in-process Magic Manor, Shannon soon discovers she is not alone. Portentous events, haunting clues and spectral visitations draw Shannon into separate, yet interwoven, mysteries: The hunt for nineteenth-century pirate treasure, and a decade-old tragic death that reeks of dark intentions. Avalon, fabled as Hollywood's getaway, is ideal as A Ghost From the Shadows location and for Shannon's continuing adventures as she builds her career and strengthens her intuitive powers to speak to the past. Returning characters include: Alex Blackthorne, Aunt Dora, Francisco Zavala, Zach Zavala and Shannon's personal spirit guide: Eric Blackthorne, master magician from the 1800s.

Publisher: Cambridge Books, imprint of Write Words, Inc.

Author: Elizabeth Eagan-Cox

Pages: 232

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 1594317224
EAN: 9781594317224
ASIN: 1594317224
MSRP: $16.95

Paperback Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.5

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