Post-Apocalyptic Shooter Zombie Attack Now Available from Shamrock Games

Shamrock Games (Next Media Group Holding Company) announced the release of mobile game Zombie Attack, which transports the gamer to a horrific world where bloodthirsty zombies outnumber humans.

Moscow, Russia, July 11, 2009 --( The few humans who have survived the catastrophe must hide as the new world belongs to these barbarous zombies. This chance encounter gives the player the opportunity to step in and save the world. Will he manage to pass all tests, to protect his lady and give mankind another chance?

Zombie Attack features amazing graphics, which recreate a post-apocalyptic nightmare, an exciting story with dialogues, in-game movies and animations of weapon shooting and loading. Throughout 18 levels of fierce battles with crowds of zombies, the player will attempt to annihilate the zombies using various advance weaponry and by fortifying the battleground. Will a new epoch for the history of mankind ensue? This rests solely in your hands.

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