Sustainable Now Technologies Release Report on the History of Fuel

Sustainable Now Technologies Inc. (SNT), an alternative energies technology manufacturer, called a press conference this morning to announce the release of a new comprehensive report, titled, “The History of Fuel.”

Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 2009 --( SNT this morning released its report on The History of Fuel.

Chief of Operations at SNT, Nathan Morrison, oversaw the research end of the project which has been ongoing since early May. “The nation’s fuel industry is currently a broken system, and like any other malfunctioning system, we must first understand the history of the system, and its component parts, before we can properly diagnose and work to correct the broken pieces.”

As Mr. Morrison spoke, he unrolled a large printed version of SNT’s report, laid out in timeline format, and spread it across the table.

“As you can see, the History of Fuel is a complex puzzle.” Morrison continued, “There are many specific fuel types, even within the bounds of the internal combustion engine, and each plays a critical role even today in maintaining the demand of the world’s transportation industry. The knowledge of how all of these fuels were developed, combined with the technological progression represented through different engines over time, allows SNT to achieve a practical perspective on the next generation of sustainable fuels, and provides a workable model for gauging the benefits and detriments of each existing fuel type when developing the fuels of the future.”

Sustainable Now Technologies is primarily interested in the production of Algae Oil for use in Bio-Fuels. “The majority of the population is unaware that Rudolf Diesel’s first engine ran on Peanut Oil, and that Crude Oil originally integrated into the automobile economy due to its low cost vs. Peanut Oil.” Morrison points to the relevant time markers, continuing, “With Algal Lipids, or Vegetable Oil harvested from Algae, we see an equally beneficial cost analysis developing, when compared to the current prices for Crude Oil, and the enormous detriments inherent in collecting, distributing, storing, and burning what is essentially dirty (carbon heavy) oil.

“SNT is currently developing several technologies that automate and regulate the Algae growth and harvesting process. It is only a matter of time before efficient and low cost Bio-Reactors emerge on an industrial scale. Once this initial infrastructure has been developed, locally grown Algae Oil will provide a sustainable replacement for Diesel, dramatically lowering the cost of Bio-Diesel, and virtually eliminating the costs of distribution. And the best part is, when you’re burning clean vegetable oil, both your engine and the environment are spared from the high carbon release observed in burning Crude. Algae Oil has the potential to do all of this without cutting into the nation’s food supply, as is inherent with vegetable oil fuels made from Corn and Soy.”

The full report, in both presentational (.pdf) and timeline (.xls) formats, is now available at the SNT website’s homepage:

Sustainable Now Technologies was founded in 2009 by the members of Steven Shigematsu’s ‘Green Machines Labs’ Research & Development Team. SNT was established in memory of Shigematsu, who passed in late 2008, with its primary mission being the continuing exploration of Shigematsu’s ‘Algae to Bio-Diesel’ design theories. SNT’s Research & Development Lab is located in Long Beach, CA. Home offices for SNT are located in Los Angeles, CA. For further information on SNT and their technologies, please visit:

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