Supernova Broadcasting Releases "panamaNET" Information Technology Software, Showing the Advantages and Possibilities of the New Supernova Information Technology Platform

Panama City, Panama, July 11, 2009 --( Supernova Broadcasting, a joint venture between Schuetz Internet LLC (SiLLC), a leading global Internet company, a delaware company with offices in Bradenton, Florida, and Webmasters S.A., headquartered in Panamá City, Panamá, releases the new information technology client software panamaNET to distribute value-added cross-content related media about Panama via its latest Supernova Software platform.

Supernova Broadcasting announce today a new software information technology for bundling all cross-content media in one software using the Adobe Flash engine. The software will enable content providers and companies using Adobe Flash technologies to quickly and easily add rich functionality — such as advertising, videos, audio, photos, news, events, information, interactivity, music, into a new software environment that also can be branded for individual content owners.

“With panamaNET, we’re delivering an example of the Supernova Platform that demonstrates media companies how they can focus on their core competency, creating great content that people want to see, instead of developing their own video/media players from a scratch,” said Martin Schuetz, CEO of SiLLC. “Adobe is committed to driving Web innovation and now with Supernova, we are helping to create a framework and environment for content players and browsers, enabling enterprises, developers and media companies to focus on developing, delivering, and monetizing content so they can extend their online media efforts.”

Supernova Broadcasting further broadens the reach and capabilities of the Adobe Flash Platform, the No. 1 technology for video on the Web. According to several different Media Metrix researches, approximately 80 percent of online videos viewed worldwide are delivered using Adobe Flash technology. The Adobe Flash Plugin — already installed on 98 percent of Internet-connected desktops — gives viewers access to rich content.

The Supernova Platform solution offers a natural and intuitive media application that gives companies new ways of distributing their content productively through the Web but staying independent of users system configurations and browser usage.

“This is the most powerful media software product on the market for delivering and receiving cross-content media and information,” said Markus Schronen, Chief Marketing Officer of SiLLC. “Now companies can provide their content, media, products, news, information, etc. to their users, customers and clients just with handing-over one software.”

panamaNET v3.2 is now generally available. To learn more, go to:

Supernova is a powerful, cross-content-platform software technology for creating and managing applications that are compact, yet rich in content, and can be used on any windows operating system. This capability enables media publishers, companies and marketing agencies to provide and deliver media more quickly because it prevents the need to create and manage multiple sections for each media or to update current applications.

The Supernova platform provides a number of benefits for media publishers, companies, marketing agencies and network operators. For example, the technology runs on any windows operating system, bundles all cross-content media and applications (Games, Videos/TV, Audio/Radio, Photos, News, Information, Magazines, Chat, Third Party Applications). Also, the platform enables clients to manage all their media online that save time and money. Additionally, the client-side software, such as panamaNET, is easily customized for individual content owners or network operators to deliver a unique, branded experience.

A free version of Supernova Broadcasting's latest client software panamaNET v3.2 using the Supernova platform is available immediately for windows operating system platforms. The software can be downloaded from

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Supernova Broadcasting is a joint venture between Schuetz Internet LLC and Webmasters S.A.

Supernova Broadcasting distributes a wide range of media through its network to a variety of customers including media companies and marketing companies throughout Europe, North-, Central- and Latin America.

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Schuetz Internet LLC further business activities include the creation, refinement and delivery of proprietary Internet sites and the licensing of its library content and brand name for Internet sites and network transmission; the acquisition, refinement and delivery of feature products; the distribution and licensing of SiLLC's total proprietary range on the Internet; the licensing of its internationally reputable brand name for product lines, including novelty ranges; the production and control of distribution rights to its network; and IP TV marketing for SiLLC's proprietary and licensed products.

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