Highly Anticipated "Leaf Bound" Game Now Available for Download on the App Store

San Diego, CA, July 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- After months of development, Pixel Stream LLC (www.jumpthestream.com) has released their very first-ever mobile game application on the iPhone™, iPod touch®, now available for download in the iTunes® App Store.

“Leaf Bound: Mecha Monkey Mayhem” is a highly addictive game which allows for the player to take control of our hero Yuri as she bounces from leaf to leaf to reach the top and stop the evil mecha (robotic) monkey bosses. Sure enough, the evil mecha monkey minions are up to no good and will try to stop Yuri at all cost. Be ready for all their monkey tricks and weapons, and help Yuri defeat the bosses equipped with deadly sleighs, industrial pirana cranes and even laser-armed rocket ships.

About Pixel Stream
Pixel Stream is a small independent game maker of only four members (a web content developer, a computer graphics designer, a programmer, and an aspiring music producer/DJ). These members have known each other since childhood and went on to be successful in their respective fields. While chatting about new games and reminiscing about old ones, they came to the realization that the four of them together has what it takes to make great games. The iPhone/iPod touch platform presented the perfect opportunity for these friends to do what they love most and reach millions of people around the world.

“When Dang Tran (web content developer) approached me with this idea and the big picture, I thought it was an extremely ambitious goal for us,” said the once skeptical Duy Yin (computer graphics designer). However, challenges and obstacles are nothing new to these entrepreneurs who immediately began work on the game. After countless weeks of brainstorming game concepts, prototyping ideas, and working into the night after returning from their day jobs, everything just fell into place. “It was pretty rough”, said Tony Liu (programmer), “but it was pretty rough like playing games with friends all night and then having to go to school the next day. Exactly what we used to do.” The company was formed on February 18, 2009, and today they released their first game, “Leaf Bound: Mecha Monkey Mayhem.”

Leaf Bound
Pixel Stream, LLC

Pixel Stream, LLC
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