New Word Proposed to Honor the Former Planet Pluto

A Las Vegas based speaker and author has coined a new word to honor the former planet Pluto.

Las Vegas, NV, August 26, 2006 --( A Las Vegas speaker and author has coined a new word on the day following the International Astronomical Union’s meeting in Prague where 2,500 scientists voted to adopt guidelines that demoted Pluto to secondary status.   

“Everyone during their life has felt disappointed, dismissed or demoted,” says Scott Hove, “now we can say that they feel ‘plutoed!’”

“How many times do we feel like we have had a bad day?  Imagine if Pluto had feelings what would be going through her head right now?” Hove went on to say.  Since 1930 when American Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto, it has been the ninth planet in our solar system.  Due to the IAU decision; textbooks, websites and other reference materials will have to make changes to their planet lists.

Hove admits he is having a bit of fun at Pluto’s expense but claims we can also use the planet’s demotion as an inspirational lesson.  

“I’ve felt ‘plutoed’ a lot life.  What I’ve learned, however, is that every problem is an opportunity waiting to happen.  When we have been ‘plutoed’ we have a chance to turn a negative into a positive,” Hove concluded.

Whether Hove’s new word makes it into everyday use remains to be seen but he has also set up a blog to promote his new word.  Appropriately it is located at:

Scott Hove
(702) 480-7590