Dave Schneider and Catherine VanWetter Discuss "Water, Water Everywhere... but Not Enough in You!" on Inspirations of the Heart Radio

Water - a most precious resource that is not only the critical factor to health, but that is also widely misunderstood, neglected and abused. Catherine VanWetter and Dave Schneider introduce Stirwands™.

Eugene, OR, July 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Host Catherine VanWetter and guest Dave Schneider will discuss “the heart of the matter” when it comes to water - a most precious resource that is not only the critical factor to health, but that is also widely misunderstood, neglected and abused.

Dave has devoted the better part of his 30+ year career in the health and nutrition field to becoming an expert on water, agriculture, green foods, athletic performance, energy frequencies, consciousness and total well-being. Ultimately, water became his greatest passion, his mission to separate fact from fiction in a world spending fortunes on bottled water and water systems yet still massively dehydrated, ill, lacking energy and placing all life on this planet at great risk. He introduced his natural, clinically proven solution, the Quantum Age Water Stirwands™, in 2005, providing the missing link to the most important aspects of human health: hydration, oxygenation and detoxification.

Water truly has met its perfect match with the Stirwands™.

To learn more about Dave Schneider, the Stirwands™ and read their “Stirring Stories” including some about the “Warm Heart” and “Illuminator” Stirwands™, visit www.stirwands.com.

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About Host Catherine VanWetter, MSW
Catherine VanWetter, is a Holistic Family Healing Practitioner trained in a variety of healing techniques that help people find peace within themselves. She invites you to be gentle, compassionate, and courageous as you put down your weapon of choice and step into a field of Grace.

She is the founder and owner of "To The Heart of the Matter", an integrative practice specializing in Inner Peace through Generational Family Healing, located in Corvallis, Oregon.

Her newest book and meditation CD, "The Soul of the Heart", offers inspiration, deep healing and hope during these challenging times.

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