Aryn K: a Perfect Mixture of Avant-Garde and Street Vintage

Los Angeles, CA, July 15, 2009 --( Style is defined by not just the clothes you wear, but how it is worn and how the pieces are mixed. When a woman wears Aryn K, her style is timeless, sophisticated, and evokes a sense of avant-garde and rich-street trendy.

Since Aryn K. launched in the fall of 2008, the line has generated buzz, grabbed mass attention and is poised to make a huge stamp on the fashion market with its ability to transcend all ages through its versatile and ultra stylish pieces. The unique name of Aryn K. is John Kim, founder/CEO and Kei Kim, founder/creative director of Aryn K.’s daughter. For the confident and fashionable woman who lives a fast-paced life, Aryn K. allows for the woman to be stylish and classy without taking too much time out of the day and too much money out of the bank. The woman who wears Aryn K. is one who knows how to mix and wear vintage pieces with off the rack pieces to perfection. When she wears Aryn K, her style exudes independence and the lower eastside New York demeanor.

“Aryn K’s woman’s choice of fashion is the reflection of her individuality,” said April Oh, designer of Aryn K. who graduated from FIDM Los Angeles and Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan.

Aryn K. allows a woman to rid free of the everyday stress of what to wear during the day and at night. With the collection’s versatility, a woman is able to wear her Aryn K. black and white tuxedo sunset dress mixed with a vintage blazer to work during the day and remove the blazer to transform into a flirty, sexy girl for an outing at night. Aryn K’s multi-purposeful pieces permit the woman to save and not make a dent into her wallet.

The modern contemporary fashion line gets its inspiration from magazines, art, and primarily vintage pieces. The popularity of its exquisite and affordable pieces ranging from a mixed blend of novelty tops, dresses and beautifully crafted skirts is reflected in the line’s rapidly growing success. Sales of Aryn K’s collection were projected to be 4 million but with the growth of its popularity, the successful contemporary line is on its way at nearly doubling its goal.

Aryn K. can be found in Intuition, Yellow Dog, Kitson, Madison. Please refer to for further information.

Aryn K.
Sarah Pollack