Udaipur Shakti Works (USW) & Floracopeia Pioneer Transformative New Travel Genre

Eco-aromatic activist tour weds sensuous meditations, herbal training, and futuristic green economic visions in Udaipur, Rajasthan - India's most enchanting heritage site.

Udaipur, India, July 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Udaipur Shakti Works (USW) & Floracopeia proudly announce the November launch of an unprecedented series of Indian herbal workshops designed to provoke personal transformations, enhance professional growth, and suggest more sensual and effective health care solutions for the modern world.

Led by Floracopeia and Learning Garden founder David Crow, the first outing to Udaipur offers a rich cultural immersion into the herbal lore and traditions of India and is entitled "Aromatic & Medicinal Plant Wisdom for Our Health, Ecology and Economies."

The November 7-21 study tour will offer intense meditative experiences, hands-on herbal and Ayurvedic training, and intellectually gratifying explorations of herbal technologies from their tribal and spiritual roots to their implications for post-corporate agriculture and sustainable community health care.

David Crow is a renowned aromatic educator, researcher and gifted therapist in his own right, and will be joined in Rajasthan with the region's most distinguished healers, herbal scholars and tribal eco-activists.

Crow observes, "Many tours today are designed to heal, thrill, educate or inspire, but few if any offer all of the above plus intimate interaction with a score of masters from India's natural healing world. We hope to foster a new genre of educational adventure - a simultaneous opening of body, mind and ecological compassion that recharges our talents and commitment with truly promising visions of the future. We thus sincerely hope to end these collaborations with more creative insights than any of us had before we met."

USW co-director and alternative health researcher, Rita Dixit-Kubiak is coordinating the rural and urban study arrangements in Udaipur, which has just coincidentally been named the "World's Best City 2009" by the international travel community.

In her words, "These tours express the yogic promise of power from conjunction. By conjoining the deepest concerns of the person and planet, sensory joy with professional craft, and ancient spiritual intuitions with new socio-economic options, we believe we can catalyze faster growth and fresher insights than any Asian workshop tour has ever offered before.

"This work advances our earlier seminar efforts with Drs. Mira and Vandana Shiva which dramatized the empowering continuity of healing foods and enlightened agriculture with ecological redemption and political reform. At the rate our biosphere, economies and public health are deteriorating it seems increasingly irresponsible to offer personal growth tours that don't also creatively address the very real perils we now confront.

"Consequently we are not looking for guests or clients as much as actively contributing participants from a variety of countries, who offer rich life histories and astute insights of their own. Anyone who shares these concerns and is interested in plant wisdom, healing arts, post-corporate medicine and a new evolutionary course, is warmly invited join us in Udaipur this year."

All participants will be accommodated at the magnificent Royal Retreat art museum hotel and group size is capped at 18 to ensure the maximum interaction and personal attention. Interested individuals are therefore invited to consult the tour web site for details as soon as possible at http://udaipurshaktiworks.com/content/view/83/92/ and/or contact the organizers at the addresses below.

North America
David Crow
Tel: 530-470-9269
Email: office (at) floracopeia.com

Other regions
Rita Dixit-Kubiak
Tel: (+91-294) 243-4721 (India)
Email: rita (at) udaipurshaktiworks.com

Udaipur Shakti Works
Rita Dixit-Kubiak
(91) 294-243-4721