Netbook External DVD Drives Now Available from Triangle Laptops

Triangle Laptops now has external DVD drives for netbooks in stock. Netbook owners now have the option of installing their favorite software from CD or DVD discs...

Durham, NC, July 17, 2009 --( Triangle Laptops has announced that they now offer external DVD drives for those who want to expand the usability and functionality of their netbooks.

Netbooks are portable computers designed specifically for mobile web access. They’re smaller than most notebook PCs with pre-installed functions focused on online applications. In the past year, netbooks have rocketed in popularity as their price tags continue to drop, approaching free if purchased with a 2-year data contract from mobile carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

Most of these netbook computers run on a version of Windows XP and will run most installable applications such as your favorite office suite or antivirus software.

While netbooks have made portable computing more convenient than ever, they have their share of trade-offs. The one most noted by customers is their limited storage and few expansion ports. This can disrupt the productivity of those who have their favorite software stored on standard CD or DVD formats, since notebooks do not have any kind of optical disc drive.

Despite having the ability to run normal PC software, users are crippled by the lack of a traditional software installation method. They are also unable to listen to CDs, transfer music to/from their iTunes library, or watch DVD movies.

Triangle Laptops provides a solution to this problem by carrying external optical drives that connect to netbooks via USB. These drives are multi-purpose, capable of both writing and burning CDs and DVDs so that netbook owners can not only read their data, but also transfer data from the netbook.

There are three colors of external netbook dvd drives available from Triangle Laptops: Black, silver, or white, depending on the customer’s preference. Each one is slim and lightweight so they’re as easy to carry as the netbook itself.

The external DVD drives aren’t limited to use with netbooks—they’re compatible with just about any Apple Mac or PC desktop or laptop with a USB 2.0 port. As an additional bonus, these external optical drives also have internal SATA connections for faster, more reliable data transfer using minimal power.

Compatible netbooks include the Acer Aspire One series, the Dell Mini and HP Mini, Asus EeePC, and the Samsung NC series netbooks. Toshiba and other manufacturers will join the party with their own lines of netbooks very soon.

A list of known compatible netbooks is available on the Triangle Laptops website. There you’ll find more products to both optimize and repair your netbook, such as replacement keyboards and AC adapters.

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