Bluegrass and Dog Biscuits, Snaggle Foot Style

Lexington, KY, July 17, 2009 --( Kentucky’s pets are sniffing around a new kid in town. This month, the latest addition to the growing national family of dog walkers and pet sitters under the Snaggle Foot marquis began serving the Bluegrass State’s Lexington area.

Building upon its excellence in the fundamental walking and care services so valued by absentee pet parents, this innovative company brings to the table a specialized menu of offerings that raises the bar. Maybe your dog craves a constant companion, your cat needs a ride to the groomer, or your senior pet is on medication. A Snaggle Foot professional is at their service with tailored, at-home pet care that frees animals from the stress and strangeness of a noisy boarding facility.

“While some dogs do well in a kennel and look at it as fun time away from home, I have spoken with many people who say their pets don’t do well in that type of environment,” explains Cathy Krajenke, owner of Snaggle Foot of Lexington. “Some dogs get sick. Some don’t eat. Still others become anxious, scared or withdrawn. Having a pet sitter come to your home leaves the animal in the environment he is accustomed to, while freeing all parties from the inconvenience of traveling to the kennel and the emotional hardship that drop-off can be.”

Serving Fayette County including downtown Lexington, Chevy Chase, Hamburg and Greenbriar, the Lexington franchise receives the torch from a growing procession of offspring of what just three years ago was a fledgling in its native Houston. Since 2006, franchises have been spreading Snaggle Foot’s wings to also include additional Houston territories, New Hampshire, Alabama and Louisiana.

Named Waggin’ Tailz until its growth dictated a more unique identity, Snaggle Foot’s vigorous expansion points back to founder Karen Cockrill’s intention to provide the same caliber of care that animals receive from their doting parents, and to make its human customers’ experience as sophisticated and hassle-free as possible. In addition to giving clients access to online account management for paying their bill and managing their pet sitting schedule, each franchise holds accounts with local emergency vet clinics, carries full bonding and insurance, and requires all employees to pass a drug screen, background check, and training program.

“When I saw on that the company’s caretakers are trained in animal first aid and CPR, it was the first time I had seen that advertised, and it really stood out to me,” adds Krajenke. “And its colorful marketing and confident mantra, ‘Happy Pets & Happy Clients. Guaranteed.’ really lets people know that Snaggle Foot is going to do its best, not just do the minimum.”

Arriving in the pet care industry by way of a career in engineering, project management and sales, Krajenke desired a job that she loved and looked forward to everyday. Her lifelong love of animals and respect for those who treat them like family inspired her new direction.

“I came across Snaggle Foot and thought, ‘This is perfect.’ Lexington is a city in the middle of horse country … a pet-friendly, pet-loving town in which I could nurture my own business with the guidance and expertise of an established, thriving organization,” she says. “Karen’s business plan is well structured, she assists with legal issues and web page support, and provides all of a franchisee’s initial field supplies.”

To determine if an area is a good fit for Snaggle Foot, its parent company performs exhaustive research into factors such as human and pet populations, home values, median income, employment, and local vet and boarding facilities.

Krajenke points out that the cost of an at-home pet sitter visiting twice a day is the same if not less than most kennels, especially for the care of multiple pets. And, Snaggle Foot relieves pet owners from hiring an additional service to manage household tasks like retrieving mail and watering plants.

The proud parent of dogs Sammi and Herbie, Krajenke urges pet seekers to first explore their local shelters, humane societies and rescue groups, and to ensure that their new companions are spayed or neutered.

For more information, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit, write to or call 859-963-2081.

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Karen Nesbitt