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The Blobbies Receive Toy of the Year Award for 2006. "Here Come The Blobbies" Receive Book of the Year Award

The Blobbies receive Creative Child Magazine's Toy of the Year Award and Book of the Year Award.

Santa Clara, CA, August 28, 2006 --( Pers®, the cutting edge children’s entertainment company, is proud to announce that its Blobbiemorphers™ line of transforming plush toys has received a “TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD” from Creative Child Magazine. The companion book “Here Come The Blobbies” received a “BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD”.

Adored by critics everywhere, the Blobbies®, and its line of educational and entertaining products, was widely recognized in 2005 by gathering an impressive number of awards, including a 10 BEST TOYS FOR 2005 AWARD by Dr.Toy, a BEST TOY LINE OF 2005 AWARD by Parent to Parent, and seven iPARENTING MEDIA AWARDS.

The Blobbies’ unique mix of sci-fi, psychology, entertainment, and education strike the right cord with parents and children alike, making this toy line a highly sought after product during the holiday season, especially as the Blobbies were selected as one of the hottest holiday gifts of 2005 by Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

To enter the fantastic world of the Blobbies, all you need is “Here Come The Blobbies”, a 40-page, full-color hardcover picture book that chronicles the Blobbies’ first adventure on Earth. This book includes bonus educational pages and “The Blobbie’s Personality Chart”, a color-based personality system created to help children learn about themselves, embrace their uniqueness, and understand others. Also included is a CD-ROM for Windows® and Macintosh® computers which contains exciting games, educational activities and fun songs to complete the Blobbie experience.

The companion Blobbiemorphers toy line takes “Here Come The Blobbies” to the next level by introducing inventive plush toys that transform from a Blobbie shape into a colorful animal shape, just like the stories in the books! Each Blobbiemorpher box includes a Limited Edition Trading Card and fun educational animal facts. The first set of Blobbiemorphers transforming plush toys includes seven fun animal shapes: Red Reindeer, Orange Eagle, Yellow Dolphin, Green Rabbit, Blue Llama, Indigo Angelfish, and Violet Dragonfly.

And get ready for the next generation of Blobbiemorphers, as the keychain-sized Minimorphers™ make their debut this holiday season.

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Blobbiemorphers™ Animal Shapes Set I
9”x9”x10”Full Color Box with Limited Edition Trading Card
$19.99 Suggested Retail Price, Ages 3 and Up

Here Come The Blobbies® by Jorge
First edition, 40 pages, Full Color, 10” x 10”, Hardcover, Free game/audio CD-ROM
$15.89 Suggested Retail Price, Ages 6 and Up

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