Hair Shimmers New Hair Accessory, California Hair Glimmers Adds 3D Extreme Glimmer Colors

Hair shimmers is new hair bling thin strands tied throughout your hair to add color and sparkle. California Hair Glimmers has just added the new 3D glimmer.

Durango, CO, July 17, 2009 --( Hair shimmers now come in 3D extreme colors Black, Silver, Gold, Copper. Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Fuchsia. California Hair Glimmers still has the original hair tinsel in Bronze, Fuchsia, Gold, Red, Aqua blue, Purple, Mix, Lilac, Lime green. Regular 3D colors are Pink, Lime green, Aqua blue, Green, Purple, Gold, Red, Fuchsia. California hair glimmers also supply 36” tinsel for the ladies with really long hair.

What are the new 3D glimmers? 3D glimmers are a poly strand as thin as hair no wider than a 1/16” wide. The glimmers are heat resistant up to 400 degrees, which is great when styling hair with a curling iron or a flat iron. The glimmers come in 25 and 100 packs, california hair glimmers also have value packs with assorted colors perfect to get started in your salon. The colors have more holographic sparkle and color than any other shimmer on the market.

Hair shimmers started in the market place in Thailand. Vendors would sell them in the market place for a very low cost. The shimmers were made out of silk strands and they dyed them all different colors. Today shimmers are made out of a very strong poly, not like the old silk strands. The Holographic colors are extreme and that is where the name comes from. 3D Extreme Glimmers can be styled just like any other hair tinsel to give you that dazzling look. Ladies will get even more attention with these shimmers in your hair. You can check out all the new colors at California Hair Glimmers.

California Hair Glimmers
Linda Kornelson