Caliglimmers Hair Tinsel Supporting Team Colors for ASAUSA Softball Team

2010 world cup of softball in Oklahoma City is going on right now. The USA team is being sponsored by Caliglimmers hair tinsel. - July 26, 2010

Caliglimmers Added New Retail Packaging for Hair Tinsel

New packaging for hair tinsel sure to be a hit with the customers. - December 07, 2009

Caliglimmers Hair Tinsel New Affordable Teen Hair Accessory

Caliglimmers supplying the west coast with affordable option in hair coloring for teens - August 25, 2009

Hair Shimmers New Hair Accessory, California Hair Glimmers Adds 3D Extreme Glimmer Colors

Hair shimmers is new hair bling thin strands tied throughout your hair to add color and sparkle. California Hair Glimmers has just added the new 3D glimmer. - July 17, 2009

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