Good News Happens - The World’s New Home for Positive and Uplifting News

Every day we are bombarded with distressing news about the global economy, with occassional "green sprouts" of hope for a better future. Good News Happens is a place where those green sprouts collect and build momentum.

Germering, Germany, July 17, 2009 --( Even in the most remote corners of the world, the effects of the global downturn are being felt on a daily basis. The flow of information has fortunately changed from a torrent of one crisis report after another to a steady stream of worrying news accentuated, on occasion, by a “green sprout”, a piece of news that gives hope and faith that the world economy is slowly getting better. What the world has been missing, thus far, is a gathering point for good news – until now.

SWISSCONSULT is proud to announce the web site Good News Happens “The purpose of Good News Happens”, says Edward Caulfield of SWISSCONSULT, “is to give a common outlet for uplifting information which gives some signal that our global economy could be turning the corner. We do this by keeping a close eye on the daily press and highlighting news stories that show hope and promise for better days ahead. You can receive daily or weekly Good News updates either by subscribing to either our RSS feed or email service, or following us on Twitter.”

“Our customers are mostly senior level executives who face the daily challenge of not only staying motivated themselves in these difficult times, but also motivating their increasingly overburdened staff. Even though this clientele is used to dealing with adversity and thrives on challenges, they are finding benefit from receiving refreshing and positive news delivered to their inbox almost every day.”

Good News Happens can be found at or and on Twitter via @goodnewshappens. You can receive your Good News updated daily or weekly via email, or immediately via an RSS Feed. For more information, please contact or

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