Trigger Marketing Goes Global

Portrait Software Delivers Seminars and Webinars for over 550 attendees from Blue-Chip Businesses across UK, USA and Australia Drives Rapid Adoption of Pioneering Marketing Technique and Software.

Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom, July 18, 2009 --( Portrait Software, a leading provider of insight-driven customer interaction software, today announces record take-up of its global educational push on trigger marketing, a process it uses with large B2C businesses to drive down costs, increase sales and build customer loyalty.

In the last two weeks, Portrait execs have spoken on this subject across three continents to a combined audience of over 550 marketing professionals from global brands. Attendees across the three events included representatives from a mixture of industry sectors incorporating financial services, manufacturing, travel, utilities, retail and consulting.

In Australia, Portrait's General Manager Asia-Pacific, Chris Lowther, spoke within the seminar program at the ADMA Forum 2009, the flagship event of the Australian Direct Marketing Association at Sydney Conference & Exhibition Centre on 08-09 July. His presentation - 'Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot - Customers Now Have Trigger-Control' - showed how events in a customer’s life are natural triggers for well-crafted, appropriate offers, as long as delivery is swift and relevant. "Companies using life, work and usage-change triggers hit the campaign bullseye with an 81 percent year on year increase in customer profitability," Lowther explains.

In the USA on 07 July, Portrait's VP Product Marketing, Jeff Nicholson, partnered with Alli Libb from the American Marketing Association to run a webinar on 'Recession-Busting Marketing: Effective Trigger Based Marketing Strategies'. He talked through a series of customer case studies in which Portrait had deployed trigger marketing systems to customers and 88% reported above-average performance in cross-sell and up-sell effectiveness.

At the Data Marketing Show in London, Neil Skilling from Portrait explained the four step process as the key to success: Getting analytical, getting automated, getting customer-centric and getting engaged. More info in Portrait press release dated 03.06.09. [link to

Appropriately for a company leading the way in live, real-time marketing, Portrait Software's story is evolving on a live, real-time platform, Twitter. Follow both the company (@portraittweet) and the story (#portraittrigger) via Readers can download a free Trigger Marketing Checklist from

Event triggered marketing involves the use of analytics and event triggers in real-time to deliver this moment’s most relevant message or offer through any customer touch point. Forrester Research describes the goal of trigger marketing as aligning “the content and timing of marketing messages with customer needs and buying decisions, thereby increasing relevance, response, and, ultimately, revenue.”

“Marketing in a recession, increased competition, ad-fatigue and ad-numb audiences characterize the marketing landscape for many of our customers,” reports Portrait Software's Global Marketing Director, Kieran Kilmartin. “Against this background, our customers are facing declining outbound response rates and increased customer skepticism leading to opt-outs on direct marketing campaigns.”

“All of this presents one overarching challenge – surely the key marketing objective in 2009? – to retain customers, increase their loyalty and maximize both their value to an organization and the value they perceive to have received. There are other hurdles too, of course. Not least the fact that this objective needs to be achieved within ever-tightening budgets. We don't believe we have a magic wand but we are certain we have the skills and software to make a difference to all large B2C business. And we have the customers and firm ROI stats to prove it.”

Alongside the theory, Portrait has the software to bring trigger-marketing to life. Portrait Uplift Optimizer analyses customer data to identify 'persuadables' and 'savables' that will actually be influenced by a trigger-marketing campaign. Portrait Campaign Manager is an easy-to-use, multi-channel marketing automation solution that operates in event-triggered, waterfall and batch modes. Portrait Interaction Optimizer delivers a comprehensive, real-time view of each customer at the point of interaction, leveraging predictive analytics and business rules to arbitrate the “best next action” across all inbound channels.


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Portrait Software enables organizations to engage with each of their customers as individuals, resulting in improved customer profitability, increased retention, reduced risk, and outstanding customer experiences. This is achieved through a suite of innovative, insight-driven applications which empower organizations to create enduring one-to-one relationships with their customers. The Portrait suite seamlessly integrates the world's most advanced customer analytics, powerful inbound and outbound campaign management, and best-in-class business process integration to drive real time customer interactions that communicate precisely the right message through the right channel, at the right time.

Our 300 + customers include industry-leading organizations in customer-intensive sectors. They include Merrill Lynch, Lloyds Banking Group, US Bank, Dell, Nationwide Building Society, T-Mobile, Telenor, Fingerhut, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Tokyo and Fiserv Bank Solutions.

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