KeywordTitan Launches with an Entirely New Approach to Keyword Research – Show You the Whole Picture so You Can Quickly Narrow and Refine

Introducing, the revolutionary keyword research tool that shows you the 1000s of keywords related to your business and lets you simply and easily narrow and refine them to suit your needs.

Carnation, WA, July 18, 2009 --( KeywordTitan was developed to change the way online marketers do keyword research. Most online tools require you to slowly and tediously build a list by expanding it bit by bit as the tool shows you new extensions. KeywordTitan intends to change that by automating the whole keyword expansion process and give you a summary big picture of where to drill down and where to make money with your keywords most efficiently. They automate the keyword research methods most commonly used by professionals - synonym generation, semantic extrapolation, related search term extraction, keyword grouping and more – and then let you refine based on your specific criteria.

“Keyword research has never been this easy before, nor this powerful. KeywordTitan is The One when it comes to building a successful business and we are so confident of this that we guarantee your satisfaction with the service. Not happy after giving us a try? We’ll refund your payment without hesitation.” - stated Todd Hogan, founder of

To mark the launch of their new service The KeywordTitan team is also launching two contests, the first two of the users out there who can create the best video on how to use their service. The top video will receive a free 3 month subscription ($300 value).

The second contest is for all tweeters. The challenge is to see who can put together the best tweet to @KeywordTitan about how they will use KeywordTitan to ignite their online marketing. The winner will receive a free one month subscription ($100 value).

Online marketers interested in learning more about the product can sign up for a free account and see the powerful analysis tools in the sample “cars” keyword list.

For more information about KeywordTitan please contact:
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