Author Elizabeth Bowles Spins a Riveting Tale of Love, Betrayal, and Voodoo in Her New Novel, Mamie and the Root Woman, Based on the Real-life Saga of a Young Girl

In 1879, the Klan kidnapped and tortured 15-year-old Mamie Managault. In that night of terror, young Mamie’s legs were severed from her body, and she was left a cripple. But that wasn’t the end of her story. Rescued by the mysterious Root Woman and taken deep into the Congaree Swamp so that she could heal both her body and spirit, Mamie sets out on a new path that ultimately would lead her to Charleston, South Carolina and a life she would never have suspected.

Atlanta, GA, August 28, 2006 --( Klan violence, voodoo gods, swamp magic, root medicine, and the enduring power of love make for an enchanting post-Civil War tale that captures the intricacies of life in the Low Country of South Carolina.

Lizzye Managault, a teacher at the Freedman’s school, is killed and her daughter Mamie’s legs are severed at the hands of the KKK. Root Woman, a follower of Dambalah, the serpent god of voodoo, places a curse on the Klan members responsible for the crime and takes Mamie to her home in the swamp.

With the help of Sayle, the Root Woman, and Isaiah Norris, who had made the unfortunate decision to ride with the Klan before he understood their true evil, Mamie begins to heal. Eventually, Mamie will make her way to Charleston, where she becomes one of the most colorful and bizarre street vendors the city has ever seen.

Mamie and the Root Woman is a fascinating chronicle of these three people, connected by fate and shared tragedy, and of those whose lives they touch. It is a story you won’t want to miss.

Elizabeth Bowles’ life-long interest in history led her to write this amazing tale of courage, survival, and the triumph of the human spirit. She was a teacher for many years before becoming a professional writer and has had many of her short stories, poems, and articles published. One of her plays was presented to the Anchorage Readers’ Theatre and ran to great reviews. Elizabeth now resides in Midtown Atlanta where she is the “Queen Mother” for the local chapter of The Red Hat Society.

Mamie and the Root Woman by Elizabeth Bowles
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