Authentic Canadian Drummer Releases Powerful Debut EP

Toronto, Canada, July 18, 2009 --( Chez Marrone has lifted the curtains and delivered a collection of original electronic songs unlike any of his predecessors. He has set a new standard carrying old-school grooves that pulses into a modern day mind-bender.

Chez Marrone is a musician/composer/producer whose musical foundation of sound is ready to be impressed upon the world. What sets Chez apart from the rest is his raw live recording style built upon a solid foreground of drums as his lead instrument. Creative landscapes collide along upbeat and intense lullabies to convey an experience that is satisfying in its own right. Tracks like “Exit” and “Dizzy” translate sombre trip hop evolutions of bands such as Massive Attack and Portishead. “Welcome, Let’s Dance” is more commercially attractive, anticipated to become a theme song for an action oriented film or videogame. While “Maul” and “Basskiller” set aside all boundaries, explore the extreme or passionate journey of raw instincts as a drummer breaking through his own tides.

Musicians of all genres have made comments such as “A very interesting musical world”, “…full of energy and excitement” and “…Movie Soundtrack written all over it!” We are gifted with such musical expeditions on rare occasions in this modern age, and this is one of them. The opportunity to listen to his latest EP "A Week Off" should not be missed by anyone.

"My lack of interest in the current mass market blockbuster acts has motivated me to create something different, interesting and fun. I feel creativity has become a second thought to a lot of today’s bigger acts, I hope to assist in reinventing something new" says Chez Marrone.

Chez Marrone`s "A Week Off" is currently available on iTunes Store worldwide. For additional information and audio samples of this musician, visit He is currently finishing up his first full length album due late 2009.

Chez Marrone is the founder and webmaster of http: // He is also a professional drummer, recording musician, composer and a producer.

Chez Marrone