Brown, Brown & Associates Announces Each Member of It's Firm is Now Active with the Communities Both Professionally and Personally

Reaching beyond the professional realm, each of the company's employees is now actively involved in services that benefit churches and its local communities. The company is pleased to see the employees merged their extracurricular activities to be part of their daily lives.

Richardson, TX, July 23, 2009 --( Brown, Brown & Associates – Architects’ ministry is not limited to building and growing structures. Each member of the firm has the desire to be of assistance not only to churches that the architectural firm serves but also to their community, not only in professional encounters, but as part of their daily lives. In fact, each member of the firm has an active church and community service outreach once the workday is finished.

Brown, Brown & Associates - Architects (a 3rd generational, award winning firm) has a ministry to help build and grow churches. The firm’s Architects is set up specifically to help churches minister more effectively through architectural assistance. Established in 1946 by John Hall Brown, the firm has done over 90 master plans and completed over 350 projects for churches. This vast experience allows Brown and Brown to ask better questions and to better understand your needs. Brown, Brown & Associates’ quality of service, attention to detail, and ministry mindset is demonstrated by the number of repeat projects – some with as many as ten phases completed for the same church over a 25 year period.

Architecture is not so much about building walls as it is about making ways. Mankind’s built environment affects people’s moods and emotions: it can make them ill or help speed their recovery; it can make what them want to do a pleasure or make it impossible. Every group is profoundly introduced to the community around them by the architecture that surrounds them. Historically, churches – perhaps more than any other structures – have influenced the communities around them – the Church of Notre Dame, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and many, many more.

John Hall Brown, Jr., is active not only as the lead designer for the firm’s architectural ministry, in couples’ ministry (with his wife, Marna), and through their church for various other outreaches – but is a 20+ year member and a Paul Harris Fellow of the Richardson, Texas, Rotary.

His son, J. Hardy Brown, continues Brown & Brown’s tradition of excellence while breaking new ground in designing / advising churches about LEEDS (“Green”) building, and by providing “Ministry Analysis” services to assist churches determine their current status and define their future goals. Said Hardy Brown, “Brown, Brown & Associates are here not to facilitate extravagant or perhaps expensive or unnecessary buildings, but to help churches better embrace their ministry and reach their goals. This comes from careful and studied evaluation of the church and its members – our experience and step-by-step process has almost always provided new insight and enabled the church to wrap their hearts and heads around where they are and where they want to be.”

This outstanding achievement echoes the legacy of the firm: founder John Hall Brown, Sr., was recognized for his many contributions by both the State of Texas and the City of Richardson, Texas. In 1991, Mr. Brown received a Texas House of Representatives Resolution (H.R. No. 265) for “more than 25 years of outstanding service to the City of Richardson and surrounding area, a visible legacy to the residents of the community that will be enjoyed by generations of Texas for many years to come…” and by the City of Richardson by their request for the design of the Richardson City Hall/Civic Center Plaza Fountain. A brass plaque proclaims that Brown, Brown & Associates – Architects designed the fountain, which is located in the center of the Richardson City Hall/Civic Center courtyard. At the center of the fountain is a larger than life-size sculpture of figures joined in a circle depicting the dynamic character of the City. It symbolizes a strong community effort with all sectors of the City working hand-in-hand to achieve excellence. The water pouring in from all sides depicts the efforts of many to contribute to the whole. The center column of water symbolizes the attainment of a quality life style for all. Water flows from the center of the sculpture 25 feet into the air as well as from the sides toward the center of this 50-foot pool.

The fountain in Richardson City Hall/Civic Center Plaza was designed by John Hall Brown, Sr. and built in 1988.

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