Violinist, Signs to Sony Music for Solo Album...with a Difference

Violinist, Diana Yukawa Signs to Sony Music for Solo Album...with a difference.

London, United Kingdom, July 22, 2009 --( 23 year old violinist, Diana Yukawa is back doing what she does best after more than 5 years of silence. Since the release of Diana’s second album in 2001, the London based violinist has been working on a new sound, far removed from her previous classical albums.

Diana released her first solo classical album with BMG (now Sony Music) in Japan at age 14 and was acknowledged as a music sensation across the country obtaining number 1 spot in the HMV classical charts. Her second album followed shortly after at age 15 and Diana went on to win many critically acclaimed awards for her work.

Upon being offered her third album deal Diana had grown a passion and talent for creating her own, original music and made the decision to decline the various offers.

After more than 5 years in development, Diana has again signed with Sony Music (formally BMG). Diana is due to release her new album in October 2009 starting in Japan, with a plan to release throughout Europe and the Middle East shortly after. 2010 should then see a release of the album in the United States and Canada.

Producing the album is Andy Wright, a renowned figure in the music world. Andy has worked with some exceptional household names including Luciano Pavarotti, Simply Red, Massive Attack and Jeff Beck.

Diana’s music is best described as, modern, electronic and upbeat and the third album is set to give a great demonstration of the diverse sound that the violin can produce, provoking great differences of emotion with every piece.

Diana is due in Japan in August for the anniversary of her father’s death but the trip will also mark the start of the promotion for her album, teaming up with her publishing company, Fuji Pacific and Sony.

Diana already has a truly wonderful story and is set to continue widening eyes and opening ears wherever she goes - truly a unique talent that is sure to be around for many years to come.

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