Asta Publications Announces Release of New Children's Book, I Forgive You Daddy; I Love You Anyway

I Forgive You Daddy; I Love You Anyway is a read together book for families affected by domestic violence and parental abandonment.

Atlanta, GA, July 22, 2009 --( Atlanta based author Georgia Wolfe tackles the issues of domestic violence and parental abandonment and the resulting affects on children. The purpose of “I Forgive you Daddy; I Love you Anyway” is to acknowledge some of the concerns and anxieties children may face when their family unit is changing, especially in cases involving domestic violence or parental abandonment.

Georgia Wolfe is a survivor of domestic violence who advocates keeping God as the center of the family unit, and believes that encouraging affected children to explore their feelings as well as promoting forgiveness is the first step in the healing process. I Forgive You Daddy; I Love You Anyway ($12.95, Children Non-Fiction, Trade Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-934947-30-2), published by Asta Publications is available at all major retail outlets, as well as at

Monique is not her usual bubbly self when her mom picks her up from school one day. Mom inquires about the change in attitude, to which Monique responds with questions about her absent father. Mom poignantly tells her daughter the reasons her father is no longer in their lives. Mom reassures Monique that her father’s absence is not her fault and encourages her to forgive and love him in his absence. While it is at its core a story dealing with issues of divorce, abuse, abandonment, and pain, I Forgive You Daddy; I Love You Anyway empowers families to have open discussions early and to rely on God for assistance in attaining forgiveness.

About Georgia Wolfe

Georgia Wolfe is a Certified Public Accountant by profession for the past eight years, an author, an entrepreneur, a domestic violence advocate, and the founder of Greener Pastures Now, a non-profit organization established in Atlanta, Georgia, aimed at helping victims of domestic violence transition into survivors. Ms. Wolfe currently resides with her family in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

I Forgive You Daddy; I Love You Anyway (Paperback)
By Georgia Wolfe
Paperback 20 pages
Publisher: Asta Publications
ISBN: 10 1-934947-30-X
ISBN: 13 978-1-934947-30-2
Price: $ 12. 95

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