Marigo Holdings Releases Its New SpeedDial Program and Its Debut App, SpeedDial for Pingo

New iPhone app for international calling cards hits the app store.

Austin, TX, July 22, 2009 --( Marigo Holdings today announced the release of its first iPhone application under its new SpeedDial program. Under this new program, pre-paid calling card companies will be able to license Marigo Holdings’ “Card Caller™” technology to offer existing customers with iPhones the convenience of direct dialing at calling card rates. SpeedDial for Pingo is the first auto-dialer under the program.

“With a simple one-time set-up, iPhone users can enjoy the savings and reliability of the calling cards they use regularly without the hassles and frustrations of the normal multi-step dialing process,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, Co-Founder of Marigo Holdings, LLC, and the iPhone client’s chief architect.

The company designed the SpeedDial application in response to multiple inquires from pre-paid calling card companies and their customers. Marigo Holdings released its “Card Caller™” application in November of 2008, and it continues to be the leading application for both the purchase and use of the world’s most popular calling cards.

“While Card Caller™ continues to be the de facto application for iPhone users with calling cards,” noted Co-Founder Mickey Ristroph, “we continue to get requests for apps customized to specific calling card companies. “

With regard to its first release, Ristroph followed, “Pingo is one of the most popular and requested pre-paid calling cards in use on the iPhone. It simply made sense to begin our program with a calling card with global brand recognition.” The company plans multiple releases of SpeedDial applications, powered by Card Caller™ technology, in the near future.

Calling Card companies can contact Stephen Straus, VP of Marketing & Business Development at for more information.

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Pingo is iBasis’ international pre-paid calling service. iBasis is one of the three largest carriers of international voice traffic in the world, and a global leader in VoIP. For more information, visit , or

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