Rain Bird Introduces New ESP-SMT Residential Smart Control System

Rain Bird's newest smart control system combines site-specific data and real-time weather information with extra-simple programming at a price that's affordable for residential and light commercial applications.

Azusa, CA, July 22, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Commonly used at commercial sites and golf courses, the cost and complexity of smart irrigation technology has made it impractical for most residential applications—until now. With Rain Bird’s new ESP-SMT Smart Control System, contractors can have a simple-to-use tool that provides weather-based control while saving time, money and water.

The ESP-SMT consists of two key components—a controller chassis with an integrated “smart” panel and an on-site weather sensor. The panel is designed to also fit Rain Bird’s ESP Modular Controller, making the ESP-SMT a simple upgrade for current users of the ESP Modular. The on-site weather sensor features a temperature sensor with an integrated solar shield and a unique “tipping rain bucket” for instantaneous rainfall measurement.

During the ESP-SMT’s initial set-up, an intuitive “wizard” prompts users for specific information, including site location and elevation. The ESP-SMT then takes that information and extracts location-specific monthly historical weather data from its memory. Next, users input the current date and time and set the allowed number of watering days and the watering window for the site. The wizard also asks for information about each irrigation zone—such as sprinkler type, plant characteristics, sun exposure, soil type and slope—using it to develop an optimum irrigation schedule. Throughout the set-up process, a handy “HELP” option is available, making the ESP-SMT very user-friendly, especially when compared to other smart controllers.

After installation and set-up, the ESP-SMT uses temperature and rainfall data as recorded by its weather sensor to calculate the site’s evapotranspiration (ET) rate each day. The ESP-SMT then deducts effective rainfall amounts from the ET rate to determine how much water is needed to maintain the optimum level of moisture in the soil. After it examines the unique characteristics of each zone (e.g. sprinkler type, sun exposure, slope and plantings), the ESP-SMT uses all these factors to decide whether to continue with the current irrigation schedule, suspend irrigation or adjust the schedule to apply more or less water as needed. In this manner, the ESP-SMT promotes lush, healthy plant material in each zone while substantially reducing water waste and run-off.

According to Don Clark, senior product manager for Rain Bird’s controller division, the new ESP-SMT offers numerous benefits to both contractors and homeowners. “The ESP-SMT provides a sophisticated level of irrigation control that was previously out of reach for most residential applications,” Clark said. “This control system makes it possible for homeowners to maintain beautiful, healthy landscapes with 30-70% less water. It only takes a contractor a few minutes to set up the ESP-SMT, and after that, the system virtually takes care of itself, translating to fewer callbacks and more highly-satisfied clients.”

Rain Bird makes it easy for contractors to sell the ESP-SMT to their clients with a host of online and in-person educational resources, a water savings calculator and assorted marketing materials. That support, along with the proven intuitiveness of its extra-simple programming and the accuracy of weather-based control, make the ESP-SMT a truly smart choice for contractors and homeowners alike.

For more information about Rain Bird’s ESP-SMT Smart Modular Control System or any of Rain Bird’s other quality controller products, visit www.rainbird.com/ESP-SMT or call 1-800-RAINBIRD.

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