Most Original New Children's Novel to be Published in Years - 'A Series of Events at Huxley Castle' by William Power, the Pen Name of William Wakefield

From a new and hitherto unpublished author comes what could be the Autumn blockbuster in the world of books. Featuring the central character Ringlet (the Keeper of the Castle Diary) and his day to day adventures in a parallel universe to ours, this book will enchant all who read it.

Worcestershire, United Kingdom, July 24, 2009 --( Featuring throughout the diary are four main characters: Ringlet, the Keeper of the Castle Diary (who narrates the story); his particular friend Edwy, the sergeant-at-arms of the militia; Edwy’s fiancée (and Ringlet’s lifelong friend) Mantissa, who is a witch, and later, Mantissa’s cousin Eleleth who becomes Ringlet’s fiancée. Eventually the four have a double wedding in Huxley Cathedral, and Eleleth subsequently gives birth to twins. Preceding this, Ringlet endures a heartbreaking week in which Eleleth goes back to her home town of Binley; she goes to tie up her affairs but Ringlet thinks she has returned to her former lover there and goes through hell until eventually she returns home to him. There follows a ‘counsel of war’ in which revenge is plotted against Eleleth’s former partner who has vowed to ruin her; he had not reckoned with the fearsome Edwy and his compatriot Walpole to contend with, however.

Almost all of the action takes place in and around Huxley, which is the capital of Avery. It commences with introductions to various characters via incidents and sub-plots; for instance there is a break-in at the library and an attempt to access the ‘Forbidden Room’ which houses books brought into Huxley from Britain, as well as official Castle Diaries and other sensitive material. There is a portal connecting Avery with Britain which appears at winter and summer solstice for 24 hours only and which allows Ringlet, Mantissa and others before them to visit Britain.

The main plot centres around a ‘rogue portal’ which suddenly manifests itself in Hangman’s Tower within the castle and which the four ‘heroes’ have to investigate, during which time they encounter a young girl from Britain who has unwittingly passed through. They send her back through to Britain but Ringlet then has to explain all about the other world from whence she came. This leads to much debate and description of modern Britain and a natural desire to visit. They pass through the portal on mid-winter day and find themselves in Banbury, where they explore the town centre and shops, finding themselves in Ann Summers of all places - and visit a pub of course.

During the diary there are several other ‘adventures’: for instance there is a fencing competition at the Lady Pennyweight’s birthday party, in which Ringlet is beaten by an unexpected contender. The annual poetry competition prompts a disgusting poem from two other characters, Calumny and Snarl, a couple of unkempt old reprobates who feature more than once in the story. And the foursome’s hen and stag night takes an unexpected twist when the Archbishop turns up and reveals his real name to them.

As with all stories not everything ends happily: Edwy and Mantissa are, so far, unable to conceive their own child and look on in secret envy at Ringlet and Eleleth who have the twins. And another character, Posset, falls ill from a wasp sting and lies at death’s door.

This novel is packed with original storylines and innovative ideas and will keep any reader turning page after page until the end.

William Wakefield
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