Stephen Dent Construction Announces Deep Green Building

Stephen Dent Construction will now be using deep green materials whenever possible for all construction in the greater Milwaukee area.

Milwaukee, WI, May 27, 2011 --( Stephen Dent Construction, based in Green Moor, Wisconsin, has announced that it will be using deep green materials for the construction of commercial and residential buildings in the greater Milwaukee area as of July 20.

Deep green materials including natural, low and zero VOC paints, triple-paned windows, solar powered devices and panels, and much more.

This new approach will hopefully get other construction companies in Wisconsin to jump on the green home building band wagon. Additionally, the approach makes homes and commercial spaces much more sustainable, energy efficient, less of a drag on the environment and the economy, and increases their value to boot.

"Deep green homes are the homes of the future, so it's a great call to go ahead and start building them today," noted a local union member. Most construction workers are already at least moderately familiar with green materials, and many others have already been preparing to work with deep green materials, appliances and devices for many years, even in Milwaukee.

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