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Upland, CA, July 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Pure Fiber, a fast growing bed and bath linen brand, announced a new fulfillment service program for the nation’s wide network of mattress stores. The program was created to fill the void following multiple requests and an increased demand for natural bed sheeting products in numerous mattress retail stores. Pure Fiber International has established a special division to assist current and future mattress store clients in their growing needs. As an innovator in sustainable linen and design, they have taken steps in expanding the sales of quality eco-luxurious bed linen that complement green mattress sales at mattress stores.

The new fulfillment service aims to provide efficient drop shipping service for both the traditional mattress retail and online stores. Mattress retailers can now increase their revenue by offering a wide selection of bed sheet products while saving valuable space on their shelves. With a guaranteed 4-10 day delivery time to anywhere within the contiguous 48 states along with low shipping costs, orders can now be fulfilled and delivered by Pure Fiber. This enables mattress companies to focus on their core product, mattresses. Thus, saving on inventory and shipping costs.

Currently, well designed bed linen products are not readily available at most mattress store or big box retail stores. Traditionally, real estate consumes the bulk of expense for stores followed by inventory. This program takes a step in relieving retailers in this economy who are particularly pressed financially. With minimal investment they may add a collection of bed sheets to their mattress stores or work directly from their websites. When orders are placed, the product will be delivered to customers within a week.

Through this program, Pure Fiber fulfills orders using an automated order fulfillment system executed at the company's multiple warehouses. Pure Fiber utilizes delivery services and ground forwarders in lieu of its own trucks, thus reducing its own carbon footprint.

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