Write2Site Designs & Develops Spencer-Cox Air Conditioning & Heating’s New Website

Write2Site is a digital marketing firm that serves the HVAC contractor market. The group redesigned Spencer-Cox’s website. The new website contains cutting edge proprietary programming and interface design to evoke actions based on emotions.

Winston, GA, July 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Spencer-Cox Air Conditioning & Heating (Spencer-Cox) announces the launch of a redesigned website www.spencerairconditioning.com as an information portal for Texas homeowners to find information about heating and air conditioning solutions and educational information in regards to keeping their home energy efficient. The website contains cutting edge proprietary programming and interface design to evoke actions based on emotions by web visitors.

The site was completely redesigned by a professional marketing firm that specializes in taking the highly technical information of heating and air conditioning and translating it into a language that homeowners understand. Chris Smith who works with the digital marketing firm Write2Site stated, “Homeowners are looking for a comfortable home with cleaner indoor air. They are in no way interested in condensers, furnaces or evaporators. The old adage still holds true, that people are looking for a quarter inch hole, not a quarter inch drill.”

According to Mrs. Tidwell, the new heating and air conditioning website is working, “I feel very comfortable on the new Spencer-Cox website. The site did not overwhelm me with technical talk that I did not understand. I had the ability to choose between a good, better or best solution for replacing my broken heating and air conditioning. The site also reassured me of Spencer-Cox’s professionalism and dedication to customer service. I was very impressed.”

The web site is engineered to assist homeowners in making an educated decision while finding accessible information to address the comfort needs for their home. Not only will the website be addressing home safety, but also new energy efficient solutions, that will benefit homeowners in the duration of owning their home. All this occurs while the visitor’s emotions are being stimulated though color and geometric shape placement that directs the viewers eyes and produces a feeling of trust and familiarity to evoke the visitor to schedule an appointment.

The engineer of this new website technology is Michele Smith of Write2Site.com. Michele has invested many years of research into web user’s eye movements, graphic interfaces that produce the desired result as well as taking the traditional contractor message and translating it into something that homeowners understand. “The number of internet users grows daily. Consumers are used to making large purchases online for retail items such as purses, shoes, clothes, etc. We take heating and air conditioning and sell it like high-end retail products in a manner that consumers are familiar with. This makes them feel more comfortable about the transaction. The goal of our contractor engineered site is to move the consumer to scheduling an in-home estimate or repair right off of the website.”

The websites are definitely producing results. “Each of our websites contains software that tracks each page that visitors view, where each visitor is located in the nation and if that visitor visited the appointment page. An optional service we provide is to track this information and provide the results in a monthly report. It is also very effective at tracking the results of any print marketing the contractor may run. If we know an ad came out the week prior, we can look to see how many people visited the site after the ad came out.”, Michele stated.

Matt Romero, General Manager of Spencer-Cox stated, "Our goal was to offer educational information for homeowners and assure them that we are a dependable and honest contractor and allow them to request an appointment online. Michele created a website that is an easy to find, easy to use, and easy to navigate. Thanks to Michele’s design our consumer web-browsers are becoming customers.”

About Spencer-Cox Air Conditioning & Heating: Spencer-Cox designs, installs and services, high quality air conditioning & heating systems for our clients. They combine craftsmanship, customer service and a whole house approach to maximize customer comfort and satisfaction. The company is dedicated creating a safe and interesting work environment that attracts the best team members in the industry. Spencer-Cox provides outstanding HVAC sales, service, replacement, and maintenance to customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas areas.

About Write2Sit: Write2Sit is a digital marketing firm that specializes in e-mail and internet marketing for the heating and air conditioning industry. The Write2Site leadership team consists of Chris and Michele. Michele holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. Michele also has over 14 years experience in marketing, website development and graphic design. Chris has 12 years experience in web development and served as a lead web developer and consumer behavior analyst for large corporations after leaving the HVAC industry.

Michele Smith