President of Intuitive Concepts Featured in Columbus Dispatch "Feng Shui Should be Felt, Not Seen"

Diana Garber was featured on the front page of the Home & Garden Section in one of central Ohio's most recognizable Sunday papers. The article discusses how the ancient practice of Feng Shui was used at the Dani Home at the 2009 BIA Parade of Homes.

Columbus, OH, July 24, 2009 --( The 2009 BIA Parade of Homes has been the talk of the town over the last two weeks and rightly so. Thousands have come to central Ohio to see the new display of building concepts and design.

One home in particular stood out amongst the rest -- Dani Homes. Nilay Bhatt, owner, chose to incorporate unique design principles by using the ancient art of classic Feng Shui and selected Diana Garber, President & CEO of Intuitive Concepts, for the task. Garber is known as “The Feng Shui Results Lady,” and has been consulting on the home’s design, landscape, and interior decorating.

The Columbus Dispatch was the first to feature the Dani home. The article, “Feng Shui should be felt, not seen” cleverly distinguishes the difference between classic Feng Shui and much of what is popular in the West. Garber’s approach is based on risk management principles rather than good luck charms or trinkets.

The purpose of classic Feng Shui is to minimize risk and maximize results, and there are many quantifiable benefits to living in a Feng Shui home. The Dani home, as an example, will benefit children -- children who will reside here will likely bring honor to their family so their contribution to the future will be well known.

The full article can be found at /19/6A_WEIK19.ART_ART_07-19-09_H1_OSEFQ0F.html, and the Parade of Homes goes through Sunday, July 26, 2009.

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Erica Wendt