MediaGate™ Introduces the Most Advanced High Definition Multimedia Player Available on the Market

The MediaGate MG-M²TV will be the centerpiece of your digital world

Baldwin Park, CA, July 25, 2009 --( MediaGate, a provider of network multimedia players, and premium audio and video peripherals releases the next generation of digital multimedia player with the MediaGate MG-M²TV. Deriving from its successful predecessor the MG-800HD, the MG-M²TV is set to jump leaps and bounds.

The MG-M²TV plans to ignite the bridge between digital media between the PC and living room, providing an entirely new platform for digital media connectivity.

The MediaGate MG-M²TV provides users with a simple solution to play their stored digital content on their HDTV monitors in Full-HD 1080p resolution. Easy to setup and use, the MG-M²TV incorporates leading edge technology that supports HDMI for high definition output, two USB Host ports making it easy to access your stored digital content, and a 3-1 Card Reader Slot supporting MS/MMC/SD cards for easy digital photo and video playback.

The MediaGate MG-M²TV now supports REAL Media files, along with also your favorite file formats like MP3, MPG, AVI and High Definition MKV files. MediaGate also has plans to release an optional Wi-Fi Wireless N dongle that will enable the MG-M²TV with more features and functionality for wireless network streaming, and access to online media portals, which is set to be released in late August.

The MG-M²TV taps into the explosion of online video and digital media and rising popularity of peer-to-peer sharing and pay-per-download sites with BitTorrent downloading capabilities. A 2009 In-Stat Study found that broadband-enabled homes in the United States have downloaded 14 billion videos each year. “We are turning to the Web for our entertainment with greater frequency—from catching up on our favorite network show, to watching the week’s hot viral video, and downloading high-definition movies. This is evident with the phenomenal success of sites like YouTube, BitTorrent, and Guba,” said Tony Diep, Senior Product Marketing Manager of MediaGate. “And while the growth of online video has transformed personal entertainment, most people are limited to watching content on a 14” laptop display, even at home where their HDTV sits idly by. The MG-M²TV breaks this cycle, by providing easy and affordable access to digital downloaded content anywhere in the home theater.”

The MediaGate MG-M²TV is available now for $119 MSRP.

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