Xlibris Releases a Colorful Self Published Book on the Apollo 11 Space Programs

Self-published author storyboards major space missions in Manned Space Projects – Apollo to Space Stations.

Bloomington, IN, July 26, 2009 --(PR.com)-- When NASA conducted manned moon landing missions in the 1960s, a series of space programs operated in haste with hopes of spurring advances in areas of rocketry and manned spaceflight. Self-published author Arthur Nussberger gives us an in-depth visual of that era and what life was like in the Aerospace Industry.

Manned Space Projects – Apollo to Space Stations is a unique book of illustrations from the Space Station programs to Apollo 11. It evaluates the system of a Satellite Power, discusses the design of the Global Positioning Satellite and brings the story to life with colorful photographs.

This Xlibris release is an aerospace aficionado’s dream come true as each photo tells a story that we can only see in this self-published book and not in outer space.

Programs such as the Apollo 11 set major milestones in the history of human spaceflight and Manned Space Projects takes you to an aerial ride even without wearing a space suit.

Manned Space Projects – Apollo to Space Stations is published by Xlibris.

About the Author
Arthur Nussberger has over 30 years of design and project engineering experience in manned space projects. Nussberger has written proposals, reports and briefing books published by Rockwell International; magazine articles published by IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems; technical papers published by Inter Society Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, Technology Utilization briefs published by NASA; and inputs published by the Riverside Press Enterprise.

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