Stellar Concepts and Design Introduces Recession-Friendly Price for Their Marketing Services

Stellar Concepts and Design is a one stop destination for all types of marketing needs. The introduction of recession-friendly price for their quality marketing services will help their clients achieve the targeted business goals.

Miami, FL, July 26, 2009 --( The success stories of Pizza Hut, Coca-cola, Gillette, Nabisco, Pillsbury, Procter and Gamble, R.J. Reynolds, Rubbermaid, Levi Strauss, Stroh Brewery and many others benefiting from increased advertising and marketing during recession has led many Companies to realize the importance of marketing during recession which otherwise is the first thing they stop or cut down the budget during recession.

However, though the Companies would like to invest on hiring a marketing firm for their marketing and advertising needs, they will undergo a dilemma on ‘what/which/how/who’ questions while deciding on their marketing strategies. Their main concern is the price and the quality of the service that the marketing agencies will have to offer as the Companies seek maximum satisfaction subject to their budget constraint.

Every cloud has a silver lining. To rescue such Companies from their dilemma and offer them tension-free and result-oriented service, Stellar Concepts and Design introduces recession-friendly price for their marketing services which is both offline and online based.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Stellar Concepts and Design is a one stop destination for all types of marketing and advertising needs, both offline and online. And, since its inception in 1997, Stellar Concepts and Design has been providing marketing, printing, website design, various kinds of innovative and effective advertising campaigns and a complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) services for over 10,000 clients nationwide.

“Stellar Concepts and Design is happy to announce a recession-friendly price scheme for our quality services on both offline and online marketing,” announces Anthony Giudice, Stellar Concepts and Design president and founder.

“Since every penny counts in a gloomy economy, the first thing businesses do is cut down their marketing and advertising budget. However, reducing your marketing efforts simply means you are increasing your competitors’ share of voice in the market. Interestingly, things have been changing due to awareness on the importance of marketing during recession which is something we at Stellar Concepts and Design have also experienced considering the increasing numb0er of requests we receive for our marketing services. And now, several reports and news indicate the ending phase of recession, it becomes still more important to focus on the marketing needs because there will be so many other competitors who will be waiting for such signal and would go berserk in their marketing efforts that may completely overshadow your business.” Giudice informs.

About Stellar Concepts and Design:
Stellar Concepts & Design is a full service marketing and advertising company specializing in all areas of marketing which include commercial printing, video production, website design and re-design, full service mail facility, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management), Graphic Design, 350,000 Promotional Products and more.

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Anthony Giudice, President

Stellar Concepts
Anthony Giudice