The Imitators of Life's Playwright, Velma Perry Releases Book of Poetry

The Grace of God Journey Pieces in Poetry.

Decatur, IL, July 26, 2009 --( The Grace of God

Beginning her literary aspirations writing poetry, Ms. Perry has evolved into a playwright for Christian theatre. However, she returned to her love of poetry to produce, The Grace of God, her first published book of poetry.

The Grace of God is a book of “journey pieces” in poetry (prose) which questions and answers to her humanism. Ms. Perry states, “I thank God for these “journey pieces” for they incorporate love, tears, laughter, irritation, joy, sadness and anger that has strengthen and blessed while allowing me the opportunity to truly look in the mirror at myself if I dare… and I dare because I do not claim to be perfect but I am forgiven and I choose to get back up and try again.”

The book is self-published and can be purchased online on

About Author

Ms. Perry formerly of Decatur, IL now resides in Savannah, GA. She formed The Imitators of Life, Inc. in 2002, a non-profit Christian theatre based organization home based in Decatur, IL. where several of her theatre productions have been produced. She is also the screenwriter of future film production, Unforgiveness, a screenplay that unravels and challenges a family's emotional weapons used to hold on to unforgiveness and is presently working on a novel inspired by her first published poem, “The Day Zimmer Lost Religion.”

Ms. Perry is the playwright of:
Unconscious Sin - 2002
Weapons of Unforgiveness – 2003-2004
Keep Your Eyes on God – 2006
Don't Box Me In – 2007
Detective George & The Gospel Thieves – 2008
Truths and Pain – 2010

A percentage of the proceeds from the book will be donated to The Imitators of Life, Inc.

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