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What’s in a name? Brand recognition and a shorter sales cycle, according to Todd Smart, President and CEO of

Chicago, IL, July 26, 2009 --( A profile of was featured in BuyDomains’ July 2009 newsletter for its success in choosing a domain name that facilitates quick customer comprehension.

Smart learned from VideoNewsletters’ parent company, BeTuitive Publishing, that a name says a lot. “It takes several minutes to explain what BeTuitive does, and what’s behind the name. Not to mention how many times a day I say, ‘It’s spelled B-E-T-U-I-T-I-V-E,’” Smart laughs.

Upon starting a new company dedicated to custom video publications, Smart decided clear and simple was the best strategy. With, the name says it all. “Now I can explain what we do in about 10 seconds,” says Smarts. “Sales have doubled just this year.”

About makes custom video publications for businesses. Founded in 2007 by president and CEO Todd Smart, the company offers a full suite of publication management services, from video production to publication design, distribution and analysis. For more information, visit

Kathryn Regina