A Mother’s Fight to Save Her Child: 3 Things You Must Recognize

A career mother of five, struggled to support her children on her own, battled with doctors for 2 ½ years trying to get a diagnosis for her daughter; noticing abnormal movements, change in behavior and speech, after the separation from her father.

Carrollton, TX, July 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Imana, the daughter of national recording artist Gayla started showing signs of regression just shortly after her mother separated from the father. At age 4, her habits began to change and her development slowed. Her movements became rigid and her speech slurred. These were signs to her mother that something more was wrong. Imana was a well developed child up until that point. Gayla did what any mother would do. She went from doctor to doctor seeking answers and was frequently misguided. Gayla was advised to take Imana to a psychiatrist and therapist several times, but no clear diagnosis was given. After 1 ½ years, doctors recognized a need to refer Imana to a neurologist, but Gayla was turned away again. A year later, Gayla’s struggle came to an end in April 2008 when Imana was finally tested and diagnosed with Huntington’s chorea in May, and later diagnosed with Epilepsy in September of 2008.

“Although the diagnosis was one of the most devastating moments in my life, I felt a huge weight lifted off of me, because I no longer had to wonder what was wrong with my child,” Gayla said. “Now I know what measures to take to help cope with her challenges such as, medications, nutrition and exercises; most importantly, mental and emotional support needed,” she also stated. “I wish I would have had more knowledge of the disease and its symptoms earlier on to avoid a lot of the suffering we endured.”

"The Imana K Youth Huntington’s Disease Foundation” will be established in Dallas, TX. The Imana K foundation is a public not for profit charity. Their Mission is to enrich the lives of youth and their families affected by neurological diseases; by furthering awareness, primarily Huntington’s disease, initiating and driving funding programs to support testing for early detection and hopes to find a cure. For more info, visit: www.imanakfoundation.org

The Imana K YHD Foundation, Inc.
Lonnie Culp